Stunning Same-Sex Wedding at Hard Rock Punta Cana – Lilliana & Katherin’s Love Story

This Same-Sex Wedding was everything we expected and more! Lilliana and Katherin seemed like they were born to be in front of the camera! They chose to get married at Hard Rock Punta Cana, one of our favorite resorts! The attention to details and the hard work of the staff shows in this beautiful wedding video, just have a look!

Huracan Cafe Wedding in Punta Cana – Jennifer & Daniel

The reason we love working at Huracan Cafe is that it has a very intimate feel to it. It is not too big, but big enough to fit quite a lot of people and it has everything a venue needs and more. We loved working with Jennifer and Daniel on their wedding day, they were very spontaneous, loving and fun, and this showed in their wedding photos and video. Play it to see what we are talking about!

Flor de Cabrera Wedding in the Dominican Republic – Corinne & Randy

When people talk about getting married in the Dominican Republic, they immediately think about Punta Cana. But there are so many amazing locations on the island you wouldn’t imagine! Flor de Cabrera is one of them, and definitely one of our favorite ones! It is a private villa with a stunning view of the beach where you can fit all of your guests and have a party you and them will remember for the rest of your lives! Corinne and Randy had such a fun group it was hard not to want to join them! I am sure after you see their video, you will want to visit the villa too!

Jellyfish Punta Cana Wedding – Jackie & PJ

Jellyfish is a popular venue for weddings in Punta Cana, and we know exactly why! It is not only an intimate place to enjoy your wedding day with loved ones but also an amazing place to get beautiful photos and wedding video! Jackie and PJ were surrounded by the people they loved and their wedding was very emotional and heartwarming, to say the least! We captured everything to the last detail in this stunning video, take a look at it!

Kukua Restaurant Wedding in Punta Cana – Karem & Mauricio

Kukua Restaurant was not only amazing, it was perfect for Karem and Mauricio. They felt comfortable in such an intimate venue, almost like at home. Emotions were flowing during the day and were felt lucky to be able to witness it, and of course, capture it for them.  The stunning decoration and their love for each other made this video a unique piece, take a look!