How do we work?

A normal Wedding Day for us looks like this..


Groom’s Getting Ready

Be there with the guys. Have the rings. Don’t be ready, just shave & shower before we get there.


Bride’s Getting Ready

Don’t be ready. Have your bridesmaids ready to help you get on the dress. Lay your jewelry on a table where the photographer can see it. If you have details like invites or matching sunglasses we want to see them too!


Gazebo, Setup and Decor

At this time we will photograph your Gazebo or Setup and it’s decor before everybody gets there.



We will photograph everything. Just relax and enjoy the moment. The only tip that we can give you is to show the rings when you put them on each other hand. You should know: If it’s symbolic, it will last less than 15 minutes. If it’s religious, it will be close to 40 minutes.


Group & Family Pictures

If you have a lot of guests, It’s always nice to designate someone to help you out. We will take a group picture and then follow with your Parents, Siblings, and closer family. Afterwards we will get some gorgeous pictures of your bridal party. I hope they are fun people!


Wedding Couple Photo Session

This is the time of the day that you will have to spend with the photographer in order to get the best pictures of your wedding. Our photographers are trained in composition, lighting and posing techniques, so you shouldn’t worry about any of it. Enjoy each other as much as you can, and that will improve the photographs a lot.


Cocktail Hour

Unless your photographer is super-quick, you will not be there for the first half hour. We like to make use of our creativity during the photoshoot, and it usually needs more than 30 minutes. The pictures will be worth it. You can expect to enjoy the last part of your cocktail hour.


Reception Begins

This is a great moment for us to take photos of the entrance and first set of dances. It’s usually the couple’s first dance and father-daughter, mother-son first dances too. We will also be able to take pictures of the decoration without people if the reception is in a different place from the cocktail hour.



This is the moment where you sit down and enjoy a great taste of Dominican food. We won’t be taking pictures while you have dinner. We consider it rude, and the people are eating in every picture. Someone once said: If you want to look skinny in your wedding photos, feed your photographer. I think it’s a great quote.


Speeches & Cake Cutting

A fantastic moment for tears! We love pictures of people crying, even if everybody hates their picture crying. Right after the speeches, we usually do the cake cutting. It only takes 5 minutes, and it’s always better to do it while people are sober.


Party Time!

Head to the bar for some shots and let’s get the party started!


Garter & Bouquet

Prepare yourself for a sexy dance from your husband because he’s getting your garter, no hands allowed. Afterwards, get all the single ladies to fight for that bouquet. Who will be the next one?


Reception Ends

We’re done for today, but you can continue the party at the disco inside your resort. We’ll deliver the pictures as soon as possible in a Digital Link for you to download when you get back home. All the images will be in High Resolution for you to print, share or post online.

Thanks for inviting us to your wedding!