When we say trash the dress we don’t always mean that you will get your dress wet or covered in paint or mud, sometimes it just means going to Altos de Chavon and getting some awesome photos after your wedding day.

Carolyn and Will have a lovely aunt that lives in Casa de Campo that encouraged them to have their photos taken in this amazing spot called Altos de Chavon, and we are so glad she did!

With lots and lots of places and little corners to offer, plus the stone church and the view of the lake, Altos is like a fairytale come true. At least it is a dream come true for every wedding photographer. We choose to take them in the during the afternoon to avoid possible crowds and photobombs and it couldn’t have been better. The light of the sunset and the colors in the sky were more than we could have ever wanted for their TTD photos.

Being a wedding photographer in the┬áDominican Republic is truly amazing. Having beautiful beaches as background for your photos is more than anybody could wish for, but when you get to see this kind of places and change the scenery for a while it’s even more incredible!

Anybody can go into Altos de Chavon by paying an entrance and make a day out of it because you have places to eat and drink and lots of things to see. Or maybe you just want to enjoy a good book and stay to watch the sunset.

Any newlywed couple that wants to have a photoshoot inside Altos de Chavon is allowed to do so by paying a fee to enter and take photos with a professional wedding photographer. We can honestly say it is worth every penny! And it’s also a great spot to get creative with veils because there is no wind, unlike the beach.
Even if you don’t take photos, it is worth to pay a visit during your wedding week.

You can find more information on the official Altos de Chavon website if it’s something you are considering.

And if you are still not sure, these photos will convince you for sure!