Weddings are such a beautiful event to photograph. As a wedding photographer, you are able to capture real emotions, spontaneous moments and everything you can think of that happens in such a special day.

That is why we love a trash the dress photo shoot even more! The stress of the wedding, all the planning, and the nerves are over. The bride and groom are glowing and relaxed when they start feeling each other’s company in a more intimate way, and of course, you get to rock that awesome dress one more time.

You might think this is not such a big deal, but the dress you thought you would be wearing only once gets a second chance to shine and to have some more fun. If you are thinking that you might ruin it, don’t. The water and the sand will not literally trash the dress. You will be able to wash it and have it as good as new in no time.


Why you should book a Trash the Dress Photo Shoot


During the wedding day there are a lot of events and a tight schedule to follow, which sometimes can get delayed. We have found ourselves with little or no time to have the bride and groom’s photoshoot as newlyweds, which actually breaks our hearts. It happens and there is not much to do about it, unless you decide to have a trash the dress photo shoot, then that solves all the problem!

You will not only feel more relaxed than on the wedding day, you will also have a lot more fun. We guarantee that.
If you feel uncomfortable taking photos, we will make it so easy on you to have fun that you won’t even notice that a full hour has gone by! Running into the ocean, sitting in the water, splashing water to each other and rolling in the sand are just some of the things you will do. This helps every couple to be spontaneous and feel totally confident in front of the camera.

So, if you feel awkward taking photos, a trash the dress photo shoot might be exactly right for you!

Just have a look at Mark and Ariel’s photo shoot and you will be looking for the contact page.