Are you considering getting video coverage for your wedding day? Well, let me tell you right now, you will absolutely LOVE your wedding videos if you do!!

There is simply no other way to watch back what actually happened on your wedding day than through a wedding video. Of course, your photos will tell a great story! And will depict all the excitement and joy of your wedding day. But having video coverage takes it to a whole other level.

You’ll get to watch yourself walk down the aisle. And see your groom’s face as he admires your beauty. You’ll be able to hear your vows again, and reminisce on how nervous yet excited you felt in that moment. Relive the moment when you both said “I Do” and became husband and wife.

And a wedding video is the only way to listen to all those heartfelt speeches again! Because let’s be honest, you probably won’t remember them… The wedding day will go by sooo fast!! (And you may already be a little tipsy by the time speeches begin.) So why not capture those moments and give yourself a chance to re-live them? Hear the beautiful words from your maid of honor and best man. Will they make you laugh? Or bring you to tears once more?

Oh and I can’t forget! The best part about a wedding video is that you can watch it any time you want! On a rainy, lazy day at home. On your phone, as you wait for that boring work meeting to begin. Whenever you need a good cry. Or a good laugh. And on your 50th wedding anniversary when you celebrate your love that’s lasted a lifetime!


Brianne & Roger’s Wedding at Jellyfish Restaurant

Brianne and Roger got married in Punta Cana on January 7th, 2020. They had a beautiful wedding at Jellyfish Restaurant. And let me tell you Рit was absolutely amazing!!

First off, Jellyfish is the perfect beach venue! It’s gorgeous on its own, but add in some extra greenery, elegant flowers, and beautiful centerpieces, and you have yourself a place out of a dream. Seriously… Brianne had been posting pins of Jellyfish on her Pinterest board for years, fantasizing about a wedding there. Not knowing it was actually a possibility. When she found out it was real, she knew that they had to get married there! There was no other option.

Just look at this place!

Oh, and you should also know – the team at Jellyfish is excellent. They are led by the amazing wedding planner, Janelkis, who is an absolute pro when it comes to all things weddings. She’ll help you plan your perfect wedding step-by-step. And she makes it easy! Even though you’re planning from a distance, you won’t have to stress with her as your planner. You’re in good hands!


Brianne & Roger’s Wedding Video

Alright, let’s get to the good part: the wedding video! That’s why you’re here after all, isn’t it?

Watch Brianne & Roger’s Wedding Trailer below:

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