If you’re in need of a good cry, then this is the wedding highlight for you. Jessica and Christopher’s wedding vows will have you bawling like a baby. But it’s the good kind of crying. The kind that can only happen at a wedding. When your heart is full. When you’re in the presence of true love. And isn’t that what we all hope to experience on our wedding day?

Before I share a few details about their wedding in Punta Cana, let me tell you everything you need to know about highlight videos. Then, I’ll tell you about the amazing team at Kukua. And finally, I’ll show you their wedding highlight video. 

Here are a couple of photos from their wedding day to tide you over:


What is a Wedding Highlight?

A wedding highlight is a short video that lasts between 3-5 minutes and features the most important moments from your wedding day. The video is set to music, and it may include you and your hubby sharing your wedding vows. It showcases the whole wedding day in a small clip that is perfect to share with family and friends. 

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What is a Full Day Wedding Video?

Well, a full day wedding video is exactly how it sounds: your entire wedding day (or at least the part that the videographer attends) all on video for you to watch any time you’d like. 


I know that sounds like a lot. But don’t worry! If you have an 8-hour package, we won’t send you eight hours of video footage. If you have a 2-hour package, we won’t send you two hours of video footage. Because really… No one wants to watch that. (Not even your grandma who loves every little detail of your life.)

So, how long is the video?

Well, that depends on your videography coverage, the length of your ceremony, and how many speeches and other events you have throughout the day. We’ll include all of that in your full-length video.

We’ll edit the video to make it flow, to cut out any awkward moments, and to create a beautiful story of your wedding day for you and your husband to watch over and over again. 

If you want to learn more about full-day wedding videos, here’s the post you need to read next. Otherwise, I’m going to tell you more about wedding trailer videos. Because this is what we’re really here for now, right?

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How Many Hours of Coverage Do I Need for a Wedding Highlight?

Even though a wedding highlight is only a few minutes long, it takes a lot more video footage than you would imagine. We like to show moments from the getting ready, the ceremony, the photo session afterward, and the reception. We also like to include shots of your decor and setup. And if you have a first look, you better believe that will be in there too.

To capture all of that, we’re looking at 6-10 hours of video coverage.

Usually, 8 hours is enough to capture all of the important moments throughout the day from the getting ready to the first couple of hours of the reception.


If you have a lot of shows (ie. fire shows, crazy hour, etc.) and you’re planning a big sparkler send-off, then a full-day package may be better for you. That way you remain stress-free, knowing that everything will be covered.

Jessica and Christopher booked an 8-hour package and it worked out great for them!

Now I really am so close to showing you their wedding highlight, but before I do… let me just share a few words about Kukua Beach Club. Because honestly, they deserve it!

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Kukua Beach Club

You will love getting married at Kukua in Punta Cana! 

Let’s start with the beautiful view of the ocean. There is not a better place to tie the knot! Toes in the sand, warm breeze through your hair, holding your new husband’s hands and promising to spend the rest of your lives together. This is exactly what you had in mind when you chose to get married in the Dominican Republic!

Kukua Beach is a dream come true.

Next, picture yourself getting ready in Kukua’s lovely bridal suite. This will be where you and your girls prepare for the day. Get some tunes going, sip a bit of champagne, and pamper yourselves while you glam out. You’ll be red-carpet-ready in no time. Ahem. I mean… wedding-aisle-ready. Same thing, right?

And how about the restaurant that will be decorated to the nines by the wonderfully talented Mayte Marie? She’ll create the perfect scene for your wedding reception! All of your Pinterest pins will come to life. You want hundreds of roses displayed from the floor to the ceiling? Done.  Or do you prefer the simple look with ivory tablecloths and small round centerpieces? You got it! Whatever decor style you desire, she will make it happen!

Just check out the stunning decor from Jessica & Christopher’s wedding!!

I could go on and on about Kukua Beach Club (as I have for Tinesha & Everett’s wedding) but I’ll spare you – at least this time, anyway. Let’s get to Jessica & Christopher’s wedding highlight already.


Jessica & Christopher’s Wedding Highlight Video

These two tied the knot on October 31st! That’s right… Halloween in Punta Cana. But it was anywhere from spooky. Actually, the complete and total opposite. Their wedding was glamorous! Elegant. Classy. And oh so romantic!

It was an emotional day. (Wedding days usually are.) And there were plenty of tears shed by the couple and by their guests.

Their vows were heartfelt and honest – with a few inside jokes thrown in to lighten the mood. But my favorite moment, by far, was their first look. You just can’t fake that level of raw, tender emotion.

Take a look at their wedding highlight below to see for yourself. 

Wedding Venue: Kukua Beach Club
Hair & Makeup Artist: Anna Nuet
Planning & Decor by Kukua Wedding Team: Weddings by Mayte & Rachel at Kukua
Photography & Videography: Punta Cana Photographer


For more wedding videos, check out our Vimeo page.

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