I’m so excited to share Jeniver and Victor’s wedding at Pearl Beach Club. These two are gorgeous, and their wedding photos will blow you away. They really pulled out all the stops to ensure their wedding looked amazing. Towering centerpieces; a giant floral wreath for the ceremony arch; a full wall of flowers as the backdrop to their sweetheart table. You’ll be swooning over every detail. (I know I am!)

Let’s start with a few details about the venue. Then I’ll show you a snapshot from Jeniver and Victor’s wedding gallery. 


Pearl Beach Club in Punta Cana

Pearl is one of the best beach clubs in Punta Cana, and it is a wonderful spot for destination weddings. Located on a beautiful private beachfront in Cabeza de Toro, you’ll have stunning views of the ocean with soft white sand, lush green palm trees, and an upscale restaurant and dancefloor for your reception.

They have a delicious cocktail menu and even better food so you can rest assured that your wedding menu will be full of flavor. Not to mention the fact that the venue is huge! It can accommodate up to 150 guests in the restaurant or up to 400 in the banquet area. If you’re inviting a large guest list, well you definitely won’t have to worry about spacing here. If you’re having a smaller wedding, it’s no problem! They can accommodate that as well and can make the space feel cozy and intimate.

Pearl Beach Club is unlike any other venue in Punta Cana. It doesn’t have the rustic beachy vibes you’d expect from a Dominican beach club. It has a more sleek, elegant feel. If you’re hoping to have a luxurious, upscale wedding, this is the wedding venue for you.


Where Do You Get Ready for a Wedding at Pearl?

Unfortunately, Pearl Beach Club doesn’t have an exclusive area for the bride and groom to get ready, so you’ll need to plan ahead. You’ll have a couple of different options for you and your girls (and the groom and his guys) to get ready for the day. 

  • Get ready at the Catalonia Bavaro Resort right next door. Your wedding coordinator can help you set up access for the wedding day and can coordinate a golf cart to take you to Pearl when the time comes. 
  • Get fully ready at your all-inclusive resort before heading to the venue. Consider vendor fees before committing to this option as this can make or break your wedding budget. (More on this below.) 
  • Book a villa or Airbnb to get ready at before the ceremony. Then you have a dedicated space where you and your crew can get ready without having to worry about the resort’s extra fees.

Let’s look a little deeper into each of these:


Getting Ready at Catalonia Bavaro

This is usually the best and easiest option for your getting ready since it’s only a few minutes away. Pearl Beach Club has an agreement with the resort so you can rent a room to get ready in for a discounted rate. 

You will still need to set up access for your vendors (hair and makeup artist, photographer, etc.) to be allowed inside. I recommend talking with your wedding coordinator to confirm the pricing and policy for this as it changes all the time.


Getting Ready at Your Resort

This can be a sticky subject because of the resorts’ hidden fees and (sometimes) outrageous prices. Most resorts will charge you a fee for each outside vendor you’re bringing to the hotel – although some resorts will charge per person. 

So what does this mean?

Well, essentially you’ll have to pay extra to get your hair and makeup artists, photographers, and videographers onto the property for your getting ready. 

Some resorts charge a day pass for this (which can be around 100-200 USD per person) while others charge a vendor fee (which can cost $500-$1200+). We’re talking hundreds of dollars here so this can really make a difference in your wedding budget.

If you’re going this route, be sure to talk with your resort directly to find out their policies and set up access before the wedding day. Otherwise, you can face major delays getting your vendors onto the resort that can throw off your entire wedding schedule.


Getting Ready at an Airbnb for your Wedding at Pearl Beach Club  

Usually, a better option is to rent a villa or Airbnb instead of going to the resort. Then you can skip the resort fees and bring in whichever vendors you’d like. This does take a little more coordination since you’ll need to arrange transportation and food for your group, but it’ll still likely save you a few hundred dollars compared to getting ready at the resort.

If you are going to book a villa, I recommend booking for at least two nights so you don’t have to worry about check-in or check-out times. Then you’ll check in the day before your wedding so everything is set for your wedding day, and check out the day after so you don’t have to rush to clean up and get out of there before heading to Pearl. 


This is what Jeniver and Victor did for their wedding day, and it worked out great!


Jeniver & Victor’s Wedding at Pearl Beach Club

As I mentioned above, Jeniver and Victor rented a villa to get ready for the day. They rented Villa Donastorg by Exeo Travel Srl, which is about 15 minutes from Pearl Beach Club. They each had their own private space to get ready with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Our photography and videography team was able to access the property without any issues to capture the details and getting ready shots.

After that, they headed to Pearl Beach Club for a private first look on the beach. Then followed a beautiful beach ceremony, family photos, and a lively wedding reception. You can’t miss their first dance photos because, wow! It was such an incredible moment!

Take a look at some of their wedding photos below:

Wedding Venue: Pearl Beach Club
Wedding Planner: Jennifer C Wedding & Event Agency
MC: Jehison Cabrera
Photography & Videography: Punta Cana Photographer

So what do you think? Were you blown away by their wedding decor? What about their first dance? 

If you loved these wedding photos and you’re looking for a photographer in Punta Cana for your own wedding day, feel free to contact us to learn more about our packages. We’d love to be there for you!