Kukua Beach Club is one of my favorite wedding venues in Punta Cana! It is perfect for a destination wedding! Not only is the beach absolutely breathtaking with its white sand and turquoise blue water, but the venue itself is just as gorgeous. Plus their wedding coordinator, Mayte, and their team of wedding experts are amazing!! They are always professional and ready to make all of your wedding dreams come true!!


Beach Weddings at Kukua Beach Club

Kukua Beach Club offers three different locations for your wedding ceremony: directly on the beach, under La Palapa, or beside the pool. While all three are absolutely gorgeous spots, there’s just something special about saying your vows directly on the beach. Toes in the sand, warm ocean breeze in your hair. It’s paradise. And what a perfect way to remember your wedding ceremony. 

Plus, the beach at Kukua Beach Club is stunning! The ocean makes for a perfect backdrop for all of your wedding photos! And the sound of the waves lightly crashing in the background is remarkably soothing. So don’t worry if you’re feeling nervous before the ceremony. All those anxious emotions will float away as you walk down the aisle to that gorgeous view and those peaceful sounds of nature. 

Not to mention, the love of your life will be smiling back at you. Thinking how lucky he is to be marrying you.


Alina & Chris’ Wedding

Alina and Chris got married at Kukua Beach Club on November 11th, 2019. They are a fun, down-to-earth couple from Bowmanville, Canada. The first thing you’ll probably notice when looking at their wedding photos is all of their tattoos. And rightfully so! Chris owns a tattoo studio in Bowmanville, No Love Lost Tattoos & Piercings

Needless to say, almost all of their guests had beautiful designs inked somewhere on their bodies. And they were incredible!! We loved photographing them and capturing all the unique designs.

Chris and Alina’s entire wedding was beautiful, from the getting ready to the reception. They decided to have a first look before the ceremony, so we were able to get a ton of beautiful photos of the two of them! And they were able to share a private moment together before the craziness of the day began. 

Another memorable part of their day was during the reception. Alina changed out of her wedding dress and put on a light, flowy gown! She still looked stunning, and this gave her the freedom to dance the night away.

Check out photos from their wedding below!

Wedding Venue: Kukua Restaurant Beach Club
Hair and Makeup Artist: Anna Nuet
Photographer: Punta Cana Photographer

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