Some couples decide to hire us only to cover a Trash the Dress session, instead of having us there for the entire wedding. No matter what, we love taking pictures, and we definitely love taking pictures in Punta Cana, so anybody who is interested in jumping in the ocean with dress and suit on, will only pump our creativity to the roof!

We only shared a few photos form this great couple, but they speak for themselves. They decided to do their session at around 10am in the morning, when the sun is up and the colors are bright.

The time for the Trash the Dress session can vary, but we highly recommend to have them done a little earlier, around 7am or 8am, since the light is softer and you have the chance to enjoy the different moments the morning offers.

If you are willing to wake up before the sunrise, even better! Believe me, the pictures have a different color at that time of the day.

Although this type of session is a relaxed type, it is still important to do a few touch ups in the hair and make up since the first photos will be taken out of the water and dry. Some of them are close portraits, so having a little make up and fixing your hair doesn’t hurt.

For the groom, it is always a more casual look.

He can get rid of his suit and tie, and use only the shirt and pants. But why not add a few fun elements like this groom did, and bring his suspenders and bow tie that add a lot of fun details to the pictures.

We hope you enjoy the following pictures, although they are only a little part of everything that happened that day at Dreams Palm Beach Resort.

Trash the Dress Trash the Dress Trash the Dress