Here in Punta Cana Photographer, there’s nothing that we love more than photographing traditional weddings from different cultures. We enjoy photographing weddings in general, but every time that we get to see something new and unique, we feel like capturing this through our photos is keeping a little bit of that special ceremony in our lives.

Ali & Kami got married in Punta Cana, in a small but beautiful resort called Riu Bambu. When I say small, don’t get me wrong. Riu hotels are massive. Bambu is only one of them, and it’s a fantastic place to take pictures after the wedding ceremony because of its beautiful gardens and palm trees covering most of the beach. This brings us a lot of possibilities to play with the light and enjoy the warm sunset sun leaking through the leaves of the trees surrounding the couple.

This particular wedding was one of a kind. Iranian families are fantastic to deal with and very interested in having all their traditions covered amongst the many stages of this traditional persian wedding ceremony in Punta Cana.

Having a Persian wedding ceremony this close to the beach felt like a unique moment that was absolutely worth capturing both in our cameras, and in our hearts. I truly hope that you can feel the love this couple displayed for us on this gorgeous wedding day.

We cannot pronounciate the words properly of every event going on in the ceremony, but we can definitely show it to you in this images. We hope that you love them as much as we do here in Punta Cana Photographer.

Wedding Venue: Riu Bambu in Punta Cana