Have you ever dreamed of getting married on the ocean? Did you even know that was a realistic option? Well, it is! If you love the water and have been considering getting married in Punta Cana, then the Sanael Caribbean Boat may just be the perfect wedding venue for you!


What is the Sanael Caribbean Boat?

The Sanael Caribbean Boat is a trimaran ship (aka a three hull boat) in Punta Cana that hosts gorgeous weddings and events. It’s a two-story boat equipped with comfy lounge sofas on the upper deck, and a kitchen, bar, two bathrooms, and a full dancefloor on the main deck. There is seating for up to 70 people, which is a pretty big size when we’re talking about destination weddings. So let’s talk just go ahead and talk about them now!


Sanael Caribbean Boat Weddings

First of all,  Sanael Caribbean Boat weddings are incredible! They’re fun, intimate, and beautiful. We’ve been to numerous events on the Sanael Caribbean Boat, and each one has been completely unique. There are so many different ways to customize your wedding day with them, and they’ll make it easy for you to plan it all.

You’ll have the option to get married on the actual boat itself, or you can stop at a private beach and have the ceremony there. Which would you prefer?

Lastly, they provide incredible service, amazing food, and a top-notch DJ who will have all your guests up and dancing. The only problem you’ll have is convincing everyone it’s time to leave at the end of the night.


Anne & Neil’s Wedding Day

Let me walk you through Anne & Neil’s wedding on the Sanael Caribbean Boat so you can get a feel for how everything flows on a typical day. With boat weddings, there is a lot of customization with the timeline, so this is just one example. If you want to do things differently on your day, that’s no problem! Jennifer will make it happen however your little heart desires.

Anne & Neil decided to have a first look in private and then traveled to the Sanael Caribbean Boat together. Their guests followed about 20 minutes later which allowed Anne the time to get hidden away on the lower deck. Neil stayed above and greeted all of their guests as they arrived. 

Once everyone was on board, the boat set sail along the palm tree-lined shores. A beautiful private beach was their destination.  Friends and family started getting comfortable, exploring the boat and enjoying the views. The bar was open and snacks were served. Soft music played in the background. Smiles painted across everyone’s faces. Just savoring the salty breeze.

Look! We’re getting close to the beach! The wedding decor is already set up. Pink roses are coming into view. I can almost smell them. Closer. Almost there…. We made it! The guests stroll down to the beach and take their seats. Neil takes his position at the altar, anxiously awaiting his gorgeous bride.

Oh! Here she comes! More beautiful than ever. Mom on one arm and dad on the other. Together they walk down the aisle until they get to Neil (who at this point is fighting to hold back the tears.) Everyone is…

Vows are spoken, the rings exchanged. What’s left? Oh yes. “You may kiss the bride!! Woohooo!!!! The crowd goes wild!
Anne & Neil are married!


A Night on the Sanael Caribbean Boat

I’ll fast forward through the family photos and the romantic couple’s session. You can see the photos below, but let’s get to the fun stuff!

We’re back on the Sanael Caribbean Boat and headed to the natural pool. The water looks so inviting, how could you resist the temptation to jump in? A few of the guests do just that and enjoy a few minutes in the water before dinner.

Aren’t you getting hungry? Well good because dinner is served!! A full plate of deliciousness. Lobster, steak skewers, chicken skewers, fish, shrimp. The list goes on and on. It’s a feast! Now that everyone’s bellies are nice and full, we’ll slow it down for a moment.

Anne and Neil have their first dance as husband and wife, and then they cut the cake. Soon after that, the guests are ready to step onto the dancefloor themselves. The DJ is playing some lively tunes, and they’re ready to get dancing! Everyone is singing along (or is that shouting?), jumping, dancing, conga (-ing?).

Anne and Neil finish the night dancing under the stars before heading back to shore. Can you imagine anything more romantic than that? It was a perfect day!

Check out photos from their wedding below and get in contact with us if you want more info about the Sanael Caribbean Boat! We’d love to help you organize a perfect day like theirs.