Punta Cana has become a very popular destination for beach weddings in the last few years. We have done hundreds of weddings and met a lot of amazing people along the way.
But weddings aren’t the only reason for tourists to come to this incredible Caribbean Island… Lots of families and couples come for vacation. And why wouldn’t they? It’s such an amazing place!!

Because the area has grown so much, there are a lot more options for everything, including restaurants, wedding venues, and new resorts.

Even though this has been happening for a while now (and we have seen new resorts being built in only a matter of months) we still feel that Jellyfish is one of the best options out there, and here’s why:


Jellyfish Punta Cana Beach Weddings: Why We Love Them!

One of the most important reasons we love this venue so much is because of the great food. Yes, this is actually really important! Having a good meal after a long day of events (and even a longer night of drinking) makes a huge difference. And these guys have an amazing restaurant so it won’t get any better than this! We have worked at countless beach ceremonies here, and every time we have had the most delicious food!

There are a lot of options for the menu and we can assure you, none of them will disappoint you! Your guests will thank you as well!

Another important aspect of Jellyfish Weddings is that anything you can imagine can become a reality. We have seen so many different wedding setups and decorations that we already lost count! This rustic wedding, in particular, blew our minds with the amount of detail put into it!

So no matter what you choose to have for your ceremony and reception, it is guaranteed to be spectacular! Scroll down to see Jennifer and Sean’s photos and you will see what we are talking about.


Jellyfish Restaurant’s Off Resort Weddings

Maybe you are not convinced to have your beach wedding outside of the resort because you don’t want to complicate things or are not sure what you will find outside.
Let me tell you this: Jellyfish will actually make everything easier in the long run!

Forget about paying ridiculous fees to allow your photographer, videographer, makeup artists, ceremony officiant, crazy hour and fire show, a good DJ…should I continue with the list?
By doing an off-resort wedding, you won’t waste a second negotiating with the resort to help you bring the vendors you want for your big day. And you won’t only be saving time, you’ll also be saving lots of money!
This way you can make your own decisions about who you work with and can make sure everything will turn out exactly as you expected.

If you want to see what total wedding success looks like, just have a look at these photos!


Wedding Venue: Jellyfish Restaurant
Makeup Artist: Olga Montilla
Ceremony Offciant: Jehison Cabrera
Entertainment: HOTS Productions
Photographer: Punta Cana Photographer