Getting Married at La Barcaza Wedding Boat

If you want to have a relaxed, fun wedding in Punta Cana you will have to consider having it in La Barcaza.
Why? Because you will truly enjoy every minute of the experience, and because there is no room for stress in this awesome boat.

Your guests will enjoy a great ride on a boat along the shore of Bavaro Beach while you and your bridesmaids get to the private beach where the ceremony will be held and avoid anybody from seeing you.

Once everybody is at the beach you will start the ceremony, say I do, get some awesome photos with family, friends and new hubby and the rest is all fun fun fun. Why do we love this type of wedding so much? Because there is absolutely no room for getting stressed, nobody is late since everybody is on a boat together, you get to have your ceremony on a private beach with no tourists around…do I need to say more?

Same thing happens on the boat. Everything flows, everybody is happy because they are spending an entire afternoon on an amazing boat in the middle of the Caribbean!

The crew of the boat is as nice and relaxed as everything else. They actually get to have fun while working. They enjoy knowing people from different parts of the world, making them happy and they won’t stop until they see every single person of the wedding dancing at least one song of the night.

The captain of the boat, also known as “El Jefe” is the heart and soul of this venue. He will make everybody laugh, dance, and give you some fun memories to talk about in years to come.

Mandie and Jason’s Wedding was so much fun that nobody actually wanted to leave! They, of course, continued their party at the club of their resort Melia Caribe Tropical. So this is why we say that it will not only be a memorable day for you and your husband, but also for all of your guests that have traveled so far to be part of your special day!

Oh, nad did I say you will get stunning photos?