If you know anything about us, you’ll know how much we love Kukua weddings. Seriously. We love this beach club & restaurant!! It is one of our favorite wedding venues in Punta Cana and we just can’t get enough. And really, what’s not to love?


Why We Love Kukua Weddings in Punta Cana

First off, the wedding planner, Mayte, is the absolute best! She is kind, hardworking, and determined to make each wedding exceed expectations. You can tell she puts her heart and soul into every single wedding she plans.

Secondly, the food at Kukua is to die for. They are known for their culinary excellence (it is a restaurant after all), and they use only the finest, freshest ingredients. And did I mention the seafood? Oh. My. God. We’re drooling just thinking about it. You and your guests will be craving it for months!

Another reason this place is amazing is that they offer so much flexibility. Do you want a beach wedding? An indoor reception? A party by the pool? A bridal salon for you and your girls? They offer it all! There’s no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all package because they understand that every couple is different. And Mayte will really listen to your ideas and ensure that all your dreams come true!

To be honest, the thing we love most about Kukua weddings is everything. The venue is beautiful, the beach is breathtaking, the wedding planner is a rockstar, and all of the staff are always friendly and happy to help. But mostly this place just feels good. It feels like happiness. It feels like love. And it feels like the perfect place for a wedding in Punta Cana.

Tinesha & Everett’s wedding was no exception. They held their ceremony in La Palapa and it was spectacular.


La Palapa at Kukua Beach Club

When you have your ceremony in La Palapa, you’ll get the stunning views of the ocean without having to deal with some of the things that can make a beach wedding uncomfortable (like the heat, the wind, or the sand). Now, we do love beach weddings. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s nice to have another option. Especially if you’re having a more formal event. And we think your guests will appreciate it too. Here’s why:

If you’ve been to Punta Cana before, you know how hot it can get! So if you have your ceremony in La Palapa, you’ll get coverage from the sun, and your guests won’t be roasting while they wait for you to walk down the aisle. It’ll be easier for you and your new husband to look into each other’s eyes while exchanging your vows. Plus, you won’t be squinting in all of your photos.

As for the wind – the structure of La Palapa helps to slow down some of the stronger beach winds. With the high ceilings, you’ll still have a light breeze to help cool things down, but it won’t be quite as intense. It’s important to keep this in mind if you’ll be wearing a veil during the ceremony. Long veils and beach weddings don’t always mix…

The hard flooring in La Palapa is great if you’re planning on having a more formal wedding. You and your girls will be able to walk in heels without sinking straight into the sand, and no one will have to worry about messing up their attire. Even if it’s not a formal ceremony, the hard flooring can be helpful for older adults or for any friends/family with mobility issues.

The only downside to having your ceremony in La Palapa vs. directly on the beach is that your photos won’t have as much of the ocean in the background. But don’t worry! We can get plenty of photos with the ocean after the ceremony.


Who Are Tinesha & Everett?

Tinesha & Everett are two people that love to make each other laugh. They’re from Queens, New York, and decided to have their wedding in Punta Cana after visiting a few times before. Like most people, they fell in love with the Dominican Republic right away. They knew they had to share the experience with family and friends so they brought them all down for their wedding.

Their wedding was stunning! They filled Kukua with the elegance of white roses and gold accents. Dazzling teardrop crystals and string lights combined with the soft flickering candlelight set the tone for romance. And the full circle of assorted ivory flowers was the perfect backdrop for speeches and thank you hugs.

It was definitely an emotional day for these two, but you could feel the love and support from all their closest friends and family.

A day to remember. That’s for sure!

Wedding Venue: Kukua Beach Club & Restaurant
Wedding Planner: Mayte Mari
Officiant & MC: Jehison Cabrera
Photographer / Videographer: Punta Cana Photographer