All types of weddings are special, romantic and sweet in their own way. This time we were able to witness the most adorable one of them all! Melanie and Brian decided to have a ceremony in Punta Cana and their only guests were their own children!
Is that the most adorable thing in the world or what?

They couldn’t have chosen a more intimate venue than Kukua Restaurant & Beach Club, and Bego as their wedding planner. Once again, she managed to blow our minds with her work and skills to make a simple symbolic ceremony, a fairy tale between palm trees and salty mist.


Intimate Weddings at Kukua Restaurant

We insist. You can have the perfect location, the most amazing dress and the greatest ideas for your beach wedding or for any wedding at all, but if you don’t have the right wedding planner you might not see it coming all true.
That is why we love working with Bego, she just makes every vision come to life!

The venue itself looks quite small but it can actually hold around 300 people, which is very unlikely for a destination wedding but a great thing to know if you have a big family. It is still cozy and the perfect size for an intimate wedding of just a few guests. You have the possibility for an outdoor reception as well as an indoor one without having to be confined to a ballroom in case the weather doesn’t help. This is a great plus because you can still enjoy the beach but with a roof over your head!

Same thing happens with the ceremony. You have the option to have a ceremony indoors in case you want to stay away from the sun, or avoid getting wet, all with a great view of the ocean!

It is an intimate and cozy place conveniently located close to many resorts (Grand Bahia Principe & RIU Palace Punta Cana are next to it) and a very different experience of having your wedding inside one of them. Not that having your beach wedding inside a resort is a bad thing, it is just an alternative for those looking for something different.
It is a restaurant, so you can imagine what kind of food you will have in your dinner or cocktail hour!


Kukua Restaurant Wedding


Melanie & Brian’s Beach Wedding

Melanie and Brian had the greatest idea of all, to bring their children to their wedding as their only guests!
It was a very intimate ceremony and dinner of course, but not a boring one for sure! Having kids in weddings is so much fun because they are so authentic and full of energy they will be the soul of the party!

Even though the decoration was simple and rustic, it could not have been more beautiful and exactly what Melanie had pictured for their special day. It was beautiful to witness their love for each other and their family and capturing moments that will last a lifetime.

Just have a look at their photos and you will understand why we are so in love with this wedding!


Wedding Venue: Kukua Restaurant & Beach Club

Wedding Coordinator: Bego Celaya

Photographer: Punta Cana Photographer