When it comes to destination weddings, there’s no better venue than Kukua in Punta Cana. Okay, there are a ton of amazing places to host your wedding in the Dominican Republic, but time and time again, Kukua is at the top of our list. 

Somehow, it has everything you’re looking for. A gorgeous beach location, stellar service, amazing food and drinks, and breathtaking decor. Add in the bridal suite, the Palapa, and their restaurant, and you’ve got yourself a dream wedding venue.


This place checks all the boxes!

Let’s dive into this amazing wedding venue and the different ceremony locations, and then I’ll show you Katelin and Stephen’s real-life wedding at Kukua in Punta Cana. You won’t want to miss it!


Kukua in Punta Cana

It’s located on the gorgeous stretch of beach between RIU Palace Punta Cana and Grand Bahia Principe. (Hint: these are great resort options for your wedding week.)

You’ll have dazzling views of the ocean, palm trees, and white sand beach throughout your wedding day. Talk about feeling those Caribbean vibes!

Plus, their restaurant is gorgeous – especially when decorated with flowers, greenery, and wedding details. And did I mention that the food is to die for? For real! Your guests will be raving about your wedding menu! And you’ll want to return just to have another taste.

Not only that but you’ll be paired with a rockstar wedding team to ensure your day is everything you’ve been dreaming of – and more! Mayte and Rachel are the wedding coordinators, and they’ll take care of every little detail from start to finish. You’ll feel so blessed to work with these two! 

Find out more about the venue and check out past weddings here: Plan Your Wedding at Kukua


La Palapa vs. the Beach for your Wedding Ceremony

Let me start by saying that both wedding ceremony locations at Kukua in Punta Cana are amazing! You really can’t go wrong whether you choose to get married at the beach or in La Palapa. That being said, I know each person has different needs when it comes to their wedding ceremony.

If you love the beach, and love the sand, and have dreamed of getting married under a big, open sky, then your heart will tell you to get married right on the beach. But you will have to prepare for the elements. You’ll need to be a lot more relaxed and flexible with your wedding expectations.

How so?

  • Well, if it’s a windy day, you’ll want to ditch the long, flowy veil and pull your hair up in an updo to keep your hair from blowing in your face throughout the ceremony.
  • You’ll need to go barefoot or wear flat sandals to avoid sinking into the sand when you’re walking down the aisle. (That’ll happen if you wear heels on the beach.)
  • You’ll need to schedule your ceremony time around the sun so it’s not too hot for you and your guests and not too bright for your wedding photos.
  • Also, if it rains on your big day, you can expect delays in your wedding day timeline since you’ll have to wait for the rain to stop before you can start your ceremony.

Maybe you don’t mind these things, and that’s totally fine! But if you’re thinking there has to be a better way, then you’re absolutely right. 

The answer is: La Palapa.


La Palapa at Kukua Beach Club

Are you dreaming of stunning views of the ocean during your wedding ceremony, but you’d rather avoid the sun, sand, wind, and rain? Look no further than La Palapa!

It’s the best ceremony location at Kukua to avoid the elements of nature.

You know, sometimes Punta Cana doesn’t have perfect weather. You may face extreme winds or heavy rain. Or the sun can be way too strong. It tends to get really hot and humid in Punta Cana, especially in the summer months (from June to September), and while I love that type of weather, I know it’s not for everyone. Especially on your wedding day when you’re dressed from head to toe in heavy wedding attire.

That’s why La Palapa is a great alternative to getting married right on the beach.

Maybe I should clarify before we go any further…


What is a Palapa? 

Well, if you’ve ever been to the beach in Mexico or the Caribbean, you’ve probably seen these structures in umbrella form. They almost look like beach umbrellas, but they have a strong wood base and a thatched roof made of dried palm leaves. 

La Palapa at Kukua in Punta Cana is a larger version of this. Picture a big, open-air structure with that same thatched palm roof. And yes, it stands tall, right on the beach, overlooking the ocean.

It’s the perfect place to say “I Do” while also keeping you and your guests’ comfort in mind. 


Why You’ll Love La Palapa at Kukua

First of all, since it’s a covered structure, you’ll have protection from the wind, rain, and sun. Do I even need to go on? That’s a huge asset! You don’t need to stress about the weather or constantly be checking the weather apps on your phone.

You’re already covered! Literally.

Go ahead and rock that long, flowy veil! Or wear your hair down in luscious curls. The choice is all yours since you won’t have to worry about the wind pulling on your ‘do. Oh! And La Palapa also has wood flooring which makes it easy for you to walk down the aisle in whatever wedding shoes you choose. And you don’t need to worry about getting all sandy.

Aside from that, you’ll still have a gorgeous view of the ocean as you recite your vows to one another. You can decorate the Palapa however you choose and make it completely unique to your wedding day.

The best part?

La Palapa is completely wheelchair accessible. That’s not always easy to find in the Dominican Republic so it’s definitely worth mentioning! 

Are you ready to see a real wedding at Kukua? 


Katelin & Steve’s Wedding at Kukua in Punta Cana

Let’s share the love from their wedding day!

Katelin and Steve are a sweet couple from Wainfleet, Ontario in Canada. They had never been to the Dominican Republic before, but they fell in love with Kukua and knew it would be the perfect place for their wedding. And they were right!

They had gorgeous blue skies and amazing weather all day long. Can you guess where they held their ceremony? Yep! You got it! In La Palapa. Below, you’ll see how it was decorated with gorgeous greenery, white flowers, and romantic candles. Not to mention the stunning, gold hexagon wedding arbor. It was gorgeous!

My favorite part about their wedding?

It has to be the donut wall! Not only did it look lovely, but it was something fun and unique to share with their guests. Instead of cutting the cake, they cheers-ed with their donuts. How cute is that?!

Just take a look at some of their wedding photos down below:

Wedding Venue: Kukua Beach Club & Restaurant
Wedding Officiant: Alejandro Angulo
Photography: Punta Cana Photographer