You know us as Punta Cana Photographer, but did you know we also shoot wedding videos? That’s right. We do! And we absolutely love it!
What could be better than capturing the most important day of two people’s lives on video?


Why We Love Wedding Videos

Wedding videos are special for various reasons, and I could literally talk all day about why they’re so important. But I’ll try to keep this one short, so you can actually watch a wedding video and not sit here listening to me ramble on and on.  

So why are wedding videos so important? They are the only way to watch back your wedding day as it actually happened. Yes, you can see your wedding photos and relive specific moments. And that’s amazing!! But with wedding videos, you can actually hear your voices, the music, and the laughter from your entire wedding day.

And since you’re no longer the bride, running around, stressing about the little details, you’ll be able to see things that you didn’t notice before. Moments that you didn’t get to witness yourself. And moments that you can now see from a different perspective. Almost like a guest at your own wedding. You can truly relive every moment of your special day!

When you watch yourself walking down the aisle, all of those butterflies will come fluttering back. Hear your vows, and all happy tears will be streaming down your face. See your first dance as husband and wife and smile at how perfectly you executed those steps (or maybe you’ll cringe and consider heading back to dance class for more practice…).

Listen to those heartfelt speeches and remember how incredibly lucky you are to be surrounded by people who care about you so much. And watch you, your new husband, and all of your guests laughing and enjoying themselves throughout the day.

Experience your wedding day, over and over and over again. 


Tina & Ryan’s Wedding Video

Okay, I know… I said I’d keep it short. So let me just tell you a little bit about Tina & Ryan and then we’ll get to their video. Tina and Ryan are a kind, fun couple – both from just outside of London, England. They met at a Christmas party! She was dressed as an elf. He was dressed as a snowman. They fell in love!! And the rest is history. Seven years later, they tied the knot at Jellyfish Restaurant in Punta Cana.


Wedding Venue: Jellyfish Restaurant
MUA: Magda Riccardi
Officiant: Jehison Cabrera
Videographer: Punta Cana Photographer


Without further ado, I present you Tina & Ryan’s wedding trailer video:

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