The day started with Lis facetiming with Bayleigh and breaking into tears. As wedding photographers, we are used to seeing tears throughout the day, but it’s usually when the bride sees her dad, or while reading the letters she exchanged with her husband-to-be prior to the ceremony. What we weren’t expecting was to find out that Bayleigh is Lis & Ben’s dog!

We think that you can tell a lot about people when you see how they treat animals, pets, or family members in this case. And we have a lot of good things to say about these two. After you finish drooling with all the gorgeous decor at Jellyfish Restaurant, you will find a lot of smiley pictures of the couple.. and I dare you to find more than one or two pictures where they are not smiling. It was almost impossible to catch them staring at each other without a smile or at least a glimpse of one.

Lis & Ben’s wedding day touched us, with its ups & downs, and missing family members that we felt were there when everybody remembered them with that very same smile I’ve been writing about. You can how much they love their families by simply looking at some photos. Their emotions are genuine and heartfelt.

As we were selecting (with a smile!) some pictures to showcase a little bit of their wedding day, we cracked up again at Ben’s reaction when Lis placed the ring on his finger.

Wedding Venue: Jellyfish Restaurant Punta Cana
Wedding Planner: Janelkis Sanchez Garrido
Wedding Decor: Clara Adams
Wedding Officiant: Lis Sister made the moment fun & emotional at the same time!
Wedding Photographer: Punta Cana Photographer