When Hazleen contacted us I was happy to read that she had Indian origins, and after that, she mentioned that her fiancee Asif was Muslim. That was the moment when we knew that this wedding was going to be different.

We LOVE to travel. One of my favorite places is Dharamshala, the home city of the Dalai Lama in India. We spent a couple of months visiting this amazing country filled with even more amazing people. Personally, I’ve been to a few Muslim countries in the last few years, and the people treated me better than at home. Countries like Turkey, Morocco, Indonesia, and India are hidden gems that not everybody is willing to travel to.

Back to Hazleen & Asif, they got engaged a year ago in Excellence Punta Cana, where they decided to spend a few days together enjoying the Caribbean summer.

Little did she know that he would propose to her in this trip!

They loved the island so much that decided to celebrate their wedding day here in Punta Cana, with their beloved family and friends, a year later.

Even if this wasn’t a traditional Indian Wedding, they decided to wear Indian outfits, which is one of the best decisions these two made and we’re thankful to them for that. Having shot hundreds of weddings, there’s nothing better than showing up at a getting ready room to find that the bride and groom are wearing something so unique that you want to spend minutes if not hours looking for unique backdrops and different ways to photograph it.

Indian outfits are not only unique but stunning in every single way. That’s one of the reasons we love Indian weddings. The other ones? The food, the traditions, the customs and their dancing moves!

We did meet again a day after their wedding for a honeymoon photoshoot, but that’s a different story.

At this moment, I’d like to show you how beautiful and in love these two look together. The magical light at Dreams Palm Beach and the fantastic job Vanessa Sepulveda did with Hazleen’s ideas for decor turned out amazing.

Enjoy this gorgeous Indian Wedding at Dreams, and do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you want some stunning images of your wedding day!

Wedding Coordinator: Vanessa Sepulveda
Wedding Venue: Dreams Palm Beach
Photography: PuntaCanaPhotographer.com
DJ: Eventos FJ