Huracan Cafe is one of our favorite venues here in Punta Cana. We do have a few favorites, and off-resort weddings are something we absolutely adore photographing because the amount of details that the planners put into every single event is a photographer’s heaven. Nati is no exception and her work is always stunning, filled with sensibility and taste.

Something you will see while you scroll through Jill & Axxel’s Wedding Photos is that even with so much decor to photograph, they were the absolute protagonists in all these photos. Jill’s beauty shines in every single one of her images, and Axxel’s love for her jumps off every photo they have together. He made her laugh, enjoy, and together they had the best wedding day they could ever hope for. Bella, Jill’s daughter, was an absolute delight to work with and we love working with kids. We always get something unique out of them, and Bella’s reactions to the camera was all we expected and more.

We rarely share reviews on our blog, even if we LOVE to read them, but when it’s Margaret, the Mother of the Bride who takes the time to share her feelings with us, we cannot avoid it. Jill’s review is at the end of the images too, so you can tell they how she felt throughout the day.

Thank you Gaston for capturing Jill and Axxel’s wedding day so magnificently! Your fabulous photos show what a truly beautiful day it was for everyone. And the time you spent with Bella, showing her how to photograph her parents, was as kind and as sweet as could be. I’m glad they chose you as their photographer…you are the best! ~~Mother of the Bride~~

Wedding Venue: Huracan Cafe
Wedding Planner: Nati Roldan
Makeup Artist: Anna Nuet
Officiant: Jehison Cabrera
Photographer: Punta Cana Photographer



And here’s Jill’s review:

I don’t even know where to begin with Gaston. He is just the best. Really and truly. From the moment of his arrival I felt at ease. He was so warm and kind, but at the same time took charge like a boss. He is great at directing people! His instructions are clear and delivered in a way that makes people just kind of flow and move very naturally to where he wants them. He has loads of patience–if he was stressed out at all I was unable to tell. Gaston pays attention to every little detail, like hair ties on wrists, phones in hands, wisps of hair, etc. He was amazing with our daughter who is usually pretty shy, so when she opened right up to him I was even happier. She was such a little ham! Gaston’s love of his craft and skill are incredibly apparent and shine through in each and every photo. He works swiftly and is such a warm, genuine person. I just got my photos today (less than a week after the wedding) and I am blown away by how fast I received them and how gorgeous they all are. And by all I mean a LOT!!! There are so many photos, he captured every moment. I almost want to get married again just for more photos. Thank you again Gaston, I wish you all the best in everything you do.

One more time, thank you Jill & Axxel for trusting our team on your Wedding Day.