The planning is finally over, the Wedding day has passed but now your vacation and honeymoon have officially started!

You will feel a lot more relaxed now that you don’t have to deal with vendors, venues or wedding planners anymore¬†and you just want to concentrate on your partner and relax. This feeling is the best possible feeling you can have while visiting a beautiful beach in Punta Cana. Why? Because you can use all that energy for one last thing: a honeymoon photoshoot.


Why having a Honeymoon Photo Shoot is a great idea

Like I said before, you will feel relaxed. That is one thing that we cannot photoshop into your photos! During the wedding day, we sometimes find ourselves with little or no time to do photos with the newlyweds. The ceremony is over and you have a lot of guests that have travelled a great distance and made a huge effort to be there for your beach wedding in the Dominican Republic (of course it is a huge sacrifice to go to the Caribbean for a vacation) and the least you can do for them is take a photo together. But wait! The reception is about to start and you already missed the cocktail hour, so you will be thirsty and probably hungry too.

This means the couple photo shoot lasted 10 minutes and we got some beautiful shots, but not really enough!
That is why you have scheduled a Honeymoon Photoshoot for a couple of days after your wedding. Hey! Great idea! To get all the amazing photos you want of the most memorable moment of your life, and of course to have some quality time together.

We spent all day with Jackie and PJ during their wedding and we were so happy they had scheduled a honeymoon photo session for a few days after it. Not only we got to know them even more and share stories and opinions, but also they got a lot more photos together, and of course, they got to visit a new and beautiful beach in Punta Cana which we love: Macao Beach.

Want to use your wedding dress again? Bring it! Want to use a different dress? Wear it! Want to use both? Please do! We will never get tired of saying it, do a honeymoon photoshoot or even a Trash the Dress, but do it cause it is totally worth it!