It’s been a little while since I’ve seen anyone get married at Huracan Cafe. You know, with covid and everything, things have been a little slow in Punta Cana. There aren’t too many weddings happening these days. But the Dominican Republic is starting to open back up. Restrictions are being lifted, and high season is just around the corner. So I remain hopeful! And I know this upcoming wedding season will be a great one! 

In the meantime, as I wait patiently for those days to come, I might as well take a little time to reminisce. Because what else is there to do? So let’s see Jessica and Andy get married at Huracan Cafe!

get married at huracan cafe


Huracan Cafe in Punta Cana

I know I’ve said it before… And before that. And even before that. But I’ll never get tired of saying it. Huracan Cafe is one of the best wedding venues in Punta Cana. From the perfect location right in the heart of Bavaro Beach to the amazing service, delicious food, stunning decor, and overall pleasant atmosphere, this place has it all!

Now I won’t go into too much detail about each of those things because I’ve talked about them in previous posts, but feel free to check those out whenever you have a chance. Instead, I’m going to talk about a very special wedding planner that we had the pleasure of working with for this wedding.


The Amazing Wedding Planner: Natasha Macri

If you’re living in Canada and looking for a wonderful wedding planner, Natasha Macri is your girl! She is a ray of sunshine. You will love her from the very first conversation you have with her. 

Natasha is a Destination Vows Specialist and is certified by The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. Oh, and she works with Polo Travel Ltd. so she will sort out all of the travel arrangements for you and your guests to get to Punta Cana comfortably and safely. 

Destination wedding planning seriously couldn’t get any easier than this! Natasha will take care of it all! You can just sit back and relax knowing that you’re in good hands. She will make all of your wedding dreams come true!

Pair Natasha’s expertise with Nati Roldan’s talents and you’re in for the wedding of a lifetime at Huracan Cafe.

natasha macri


You’ll Love Working with Nati Roldan 

When it comes to decorating a wedding in Punta Cana, there’s no one better than Nati Roldan. This girl is a rockstar! She has over 12 years of experience planning weddings so she really knows her stuff! We’ve worked in dozens (maybe hundreds) of weddings together and every single one has been spectacular.

You know those people who just have an eye for detail? The ones who can see a photo and recreate it almost instantly. And somehow, they actually make it look better than it does in the photo? Well, that is Nati. 

Her decorating skills are incredible! You can give her a few ideas, a couple of photos of what wedding style you like, and she’ll run with it. She’ll create something more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. And when your wedding day finally comes, you (and your guests) will be completely blown away! 

Honestly, the first time I went to the beach at Huracan Cafe I thought “oh, this is a cool venue.” But then I saw one of Nati’s weddings there and it changed to “WOW! This is absolutely stunning!!!” She really is that good. And she only continues to improve her skills. Really, I could recommend anyone to get married at Huracan Cafe, and I know they’ll have a spectacular wedding day. Just take a look at Jessica and Andy’s beautiful wedding down below!


Jessica & Andy Get Married at Huracan Cafe

Jessica was the most beautiful bride (special thanks to Olga Montilla and Anna Nuet for that stunning hair and makeup.) And check out her gorgeous smile! It’s contagious! She and Andy make such an incredible couple. They were always laughing, truly enjoying their wedding day together. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Enjoying the day and celebrating love.

When it came to celebrating love, Jessica and Andy weren’t the only ones celebrating. There was a special surprise! After dinner, Jessica handed the bouquet to her brother’s girlfriend. And you know the tradition, right? The one to catch the bouquet will be the next to get married.

Very confused, she stepped out onto the dance floor and was greeted by her boyfriend. That’s when he dropped to one knee and proposed! Talk about unexpected! The rest of the night was spent celebrating each couple’s love. And of course, they danced the night away. It was a wedding day we will always remember!

Wedding Venue: Huracan Cafe
Hair and Makeup Team:
Anna Nuet & Olga Montilla
Wedding Planner: Natasha Macri
Decor: Natalia Roldan
Officiant: Jehison Cabrera
MC: Jermy Cabrera

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