Today I have an emotional wedding video to share with you from Huracan Cafe. I love wedding videos because they give you the chance to watch your wedding day over and over again, exactly as it happened. You get to see your wedding day from the eyes of a guest. Watching yourself from the sidelines. But remembering exactly how you felt that day. All those memories and emotions rushing back. With all of the stress fading away, and only the positive feelings of excitement and love remain as you reflect on such a wonderful day.

And when your day was as sentimental as Lisbet and Danny’s wedding was, watching the emotional wedding video back will bring all of those tears to the surface again. Happy tears, of course!

Now, I know that I’m a crier. I usually tear up at weddings – maybe a silent tear rolling down the cheek sort of thing. But their wedding ceremony was on a whole other level. I was straight-up bawling! So let me give you a little background…


Lisbet & Danny’s Wedding at Huracan Cafe

Lisbet and Danny got married at Huracan Cafe on August 29th, 2019. From early on that afternoon, there was a magical feeling in the air. Actually, it wasn’t just the feeling. You could see it. While photographing Lisbet’s wedding dress, we noticed for the first time. Butterflies! Thousands of butterflies!! Flittering past Huracan Cafe. Over the trees and all around the beach, like they were out for an afternoon stroll. A migration like I had never seen before! It was simply spectacular!!

It was the perfect backdrop to Lisbet and Danny’s first look. They had a first look to help calm their nerves and to share an intimate moment alone before the ceremony and the rest of the day’s events began. 

Their wedding ceremony was performed in Spanish (they are bilingual) by the Huracan Cafe wedding officiant, Jonathan Batista, and they said their personalized vows in English. It was a romantic ceremony and everything about it was absolutely beautiful. But it wasn’t until after the kiss that the waterworks began.

Lisbet’s father had prepared a special performance for the couple. A song he had written years ago, intended for the first of his daughters to get married. Since Lisbet was the first, her father sang the song to her and her new husband, Danny.

While he was stoic as he sang, the rest of the wedding party could not contain their emotions as they all fought to hold back the tears. Lisbet and Danny were crying. The bridal party was crying. Everyone was crying! 


Emotional Wedding Video

While it was an emotional wedding ceremony, the rest of the day was filled with smiles and joy. Family and friends were there to celebrate love, and that’s exactly what they were going to do! Celebrate! So they popped the champagne and the party began. Their Crazy Hour had everyone up out of their seats; limboing, doing the conga. And they finished the night laughing and dancing the night away. Overall, it was another unbelievable wedding day! 

Check out their emotional wedding video below and get in contact with us if you’re ready to plan your wedding day next:

Wedding Venue: Huracan Cafe
MUA: Magda Ricardi
Wedding Officiant: Jonathan Batista
Photographer & Videographer: Punta Cana Photographer