Did we say we love elopements already? We will never get tired of saying it, especially when we get to work on such an amazing place as Kukua Restaurant.
To start with the place is already intimate enough, a total oasis between two massive resorts, which gives you both privacy and the feeling you are all alone on the beach.


Elopements: Our Favorite Intimate Weddings

Eloping basically means to run away and get married, but we feel there is a much more romantic meaning behind it. The couple that decides to elope may do it for different reasons like having a smaller budget to dedicate to the event or maybe because they have large families and groups of friends but are unsure if they are all able to travel. There is also the kind of couple that feel like it is a more romantic approach to their marriage, and for us all of these options are valid!

No matter what made their decision to plan their Punta Cana Elopement we will be forever thankful since we believe to be the most romantic way of tying the knot!
Most couples get together with family and friends back home and celebrate their union in a more relaxed way. If they hired a photographer they can always show them the photos!

Luckily for us, Larissa and Leandro were one of these incredibly romantic couples and they were very much into doing photos to remember this special day. They made the right choice to have their ceremony at Kukua Restaurant and Bego’s attention for details that made the wedding even more special. We feel this would be the perfect venue in Punta Cana for anyone who is planning a romantic elopement, an engagement proposal or just a romantic dinner to celebrate being together.


Do I need a Wedding Photographer for my Punta Cana Elopement?

Let me answer that: YES. It might seem like it is not that important for you since it will be just the two of you, but remember this will be the only memories you will have after the day is over!
We strongly believe in the magic and power of photos, and even if you are not interested in showing them to your family back home, you might want to show them to your children and grandchildren one day.

We have all sorts of packages with different coverage for our weddings in the DR, and have worked on so many we lost count! Elopements are always somehow our favorite ones because we actually get to know the couple, we get to capture them in a very intimate moment and we get to be the only witnesses of that special moment in their lives. And that feels really special for us!
Leandro and Larissa were incredible to work with, always really open to try new things and very comfortable in front of the camera. You could just tell how much they loved each other, and that shows so much in their photos.

If you are considering to elope with your beloved one, let us know! We have special rates that you won’t be able to resist!

And now, the magic we have been talking about, have a look at Larissa and Leandro’s Wedding to see what we are talking about!

Venue: Kukua Restaurant & Beach Club
Wedding Coordinator: Bego Celaya
MakeUp Artist: Olga Kislitsina
Officiant: Marcos Parucker
Photographer: Punta Cana Photographer