Maybe you can’t afford a honeymoon to India and the Holi Festival where you get color powders tossed into your face, but don’t worry we will bring India to you with this!

Beware: this is for fun couples only!

We have done a lot of weddings and photo shoots at Juanillo Beach, but this time it was totally different.
When you find such cool people you want to do something that reflects their personalities, you want them to remember this day for the rest of their lives and what more original than throwing colors into each other?

You are still reading, so are you intrigued already? Let me explain.

The inspiration of this photos comes from the Holi Festival. This festival held in India and Nepal has a lot of meanings in these cultures and it is celebrated at the arrival of spring. It means the good has overcome the evil, the end of winter and the beggining of spring, it also celebrates meeting with others to play and laugh, forgive, forget and repair relationships that might have been broken.

So why not celebrate love and a new marriage?


What is a Color Powder Photo shoot or Color Trash the Dress?


The simple answer is that it is a regular photoshoot, where you will have fun, spend some quality time together and get to take home some amazing memories with a special touch, colorful powders making your photos look cool and even more awesome than usual.
But there is so much more than that to this type of photo shoot. It is going back to being a kid and playing, laughing your heart out and getting splashed with colors making your wedding gowns a moving work of art.

I don’t remember a time where I saw a newlywed couple having that much fun! And I have to say the fun wasn’t just for them, I had a great time too! It’s a playful way to celebrate spending the rest of their lives together and definitely an incredible story to tell your children and grandchildren one day. Honestly, if you don’t do something like this when you get married when will you do it?
Go crazy, you only live once!


Color Powders, what are they made of?


The powders we used were simply baby powder dyed in different colors. Nothing that can cause an allergy or damage the environment because they were eco-friendly and biodegradable. This is a very important matter to us and we wanted to make sure we were doing the right thing. If I already convinced you, you can find them on Amazon right now!

Also, after getting into the ocean most of the colors washed away. So they probably won’t even stain your dress if this is a big concern.

We get a lot of couples wanting to do a trash the dress session and we always say it: it is the best decision they can make.
Why? Because the wedding is over, the nerves and anxiety are gone and the planning is definitely done, so the couple is actually relaxed and starting their honeymoon with nothing to worry about other than where to have dinner that night. And this shows…a lot.
It is fun, it is relaxing and oh my god it looks sooo cool!

Megan and Nick got married a few days before this color photoshoot at Dreams Palm Beach and we felt so lucky to be part of their wedding. We couldn’t let them down since they were so enthusiastic about bringing some color into their lives so we took them to Juanillo Beach.


Juanillo Beach in CapCana: The best location for this Color Powder Photoshoot


We chose to go to Juanillo Beach in CapCana for the same reasons we always go there (besides being one of the most beautiful beaches in Punta Cana). Because it is a private beach and there are not many people around, there are tons of palm trees and different locations to get beautiful portraits and we feel that the colors pop like in no other place in the area. Which in this case was the whole point.

It is private, so there is an entrance fee that has to be paid to do photo shoots or weddings starting at 100 US Dollars, but have you seen the photos already? They speak for themselves! I mean this is the type of beach that you have dreams about, seriously.

Just have a look at their Color Trash the Dress photos and I promise you, you will want to do it too!