We are always excited to get to see a new resort or wedding location in Punta Cana. Most wedding resorts are really nice, and we love all venues, and Catalonia Royal Bavaro was not an exception.
It was actually an amazing surprise, we would have never imagined how this place looks by looking at the front gate. Not only has an amazing beach and Wedding Gazebo, but the most impressive thing was the lush and beautiful gardens and the perfect afternoon light. Have you ever seen a wedding at Catalonia Royal Bavaro?


Is Catalonia Royal Bavaro a good choice for your Beach Wedding?


There are a million things to consider when choosing a resort or venue for your destination wedding but some of the most important ones definitely have to be the wedding planner. If you can trust somebody with your entire vision, schedule and make sure they go through with it, then you are on the right track. We were super pleased to work with both wedding coordinators at Catalonia, they helped us as much as they helped the bride and groom and the guests know where to go, what to do and how to do it next. As well as the resort’s staff we couldn’t be more pleased!

Now, the question we all wonder when we go to a new place, is the resort good for photos? The answer is yes, a thousand times yes!
With different locations and great light comes an inspired photographer! We were so inspired that the wedding day went by faster than for the bride and groom, so imagine!
The gardens were too good to be true and we could have stayed there taking photos of the couple for days! We loved how uncluttered the rooms were and the different possibilities that can offer us to create beautiful photos.


Resort Attractions for your Guests during your Wedding Week


If you have a fun crew coming with you to your destination wedding like Kevyn and Melissa did, you will not be disappointed by this resort. There are fun activities and options for everybody here!
Restaurants have yummy food and need no reservations for dinner unlike most of the resorts in the DR. It is generally a quiet place where everybody can relax and enjoy their vacation except for when the pool bar is having a party in which most of the times the entire resort joins!

If you or any of your guests are into golfing, there is an 18 hole course only a short 5-minute ride away and it is completely free to access. The only cost for having a relaxing day in the golf course is to rent the golf cart, not bad right?
Maybe golf is not your thing and you are into parties. Well, you might not find so many at Catalonia but the resort is conveniently located next to one of the most prestigious beach clubs in Punta Cana: Pearl Beach Club.
Such a fun thing to do with a group of friends who want to party, jump in the pool and maybe even try a different dish which Pearl offers.

So as a conclusion, we definitely think this is an amazing resort to hold your destination wedding. If you are not fully convinced, just scroll down and have a look at the photos!


Resort: Catalonia Royal Bavaro

Ceremony Location: Beach Gazebo

Wedding Planner: Evelyn Reyes

Photographer: Punta Cana Photographer