There is something very special about photographing an engagement photoshoot, but it’s even more special when there is a surprise proposal in it! 

This has happened to us a quite a few times already, and every single time we feel as nervous as the guy making the proposal. It’s just magical to witness that special moment between two people that are committing to spend the rest of their lives together. Love is literally in the air.


Michelle & Michael’s big moment

In this case, Michael had been in touch with us to plan everything to the last detail with a lot of time in advance. We explained him how to wait for the right moment, making sure we were ready to document everything. Michelle was expecting to have a couple photoshoot on Macao Beach, but little did she know she was going to leave the beach as an engaged (and very happy) woman.

We picked them up from Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana to take them to the location of the photoshoot, where less than an hour later became a very special place for them.

Michael planned the surprise proposal to happen in the middle of the photo shoot so that they would have some photos before and after. This was a great choice since getting a few pictures before the big moment can help with the nerves of being in front of a camera, which sometimes is reason enough to get nervous.

Michelle’s reaction was memorable and I’m sure they will be talking about this for years and generations to come. We are just so happy to be part of their story, even if it is a little part.


How Surprise Proposals work

We have become experts when it comes to surprise proposals during photo shoots, knowing exactly what to say to the future groom to make the surprise as big as possible.

Once the future groom has contacted us and let us know about his plans to be engaged we will let him know when it is a good time to pop the question. Like a code between us that his fiance to be will never understand or pay attention to.

It is very important to follow the directions and make sure that however and wherever we ask you to stand is where you need to be. This way we avoid simple but important problems that might come up for the photos since we are unable to give you directions once the question is asked, and we leave it all to your emotions and natural reactions.

Nowadays there are a million ideas to make marriage proposals, and we believe that having a photographer document the moment is one of the best ones, even more so if you have the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana as your background!