Here in Punta Cana we’re really used to doing engagement photoshoots. Every week or so we have a different couple visiting from different parts of the world to make preparations for their upcoming wedding in the Dominican Republic.

This couple decided to stay at The Reserve in Paradisus Punta Cana, a gorgeous resort located in one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. With a very welcoming service from everybody, Sydney and Krissy only had good things to say about their stay there.

After planning our shoot for a little bit, we settled on Juanillo Beach located at CapCana, a stunning location with pristine white sand and lined palm trees along the beach. It was only after Sydney mentioned that she was coming with her bride-to-be that we knew it was a same-sex engagement photo shoot.

If you’ve been following our blog (and you should) you probably already know that we like unique things. We love cultural customs from various religions and ethnicities, different couples and yes, LGBT weddings as well. There’s something different in photographing a same sex couple that makes us feel like we’re new at this. We’ve shot hundreds (if not thousands) of people over the years, and gay couples just bring new stuff into the scene. The poses, the kisses, the romance and everything else is the same, but it just feels different. It feels unique, and we love it.

Personally, I couldn’t believe these two when we met. It’s not common to see a couple smiling at each other and making jokes the WHOLE time. They laugh at each other and they also laugh together. They accept each other as they are, and make awkward comments about it. It was SO MUCH FUN.

After the photoshoot I received an overwhelming amount of questions about resorts, weddings, venues, and Punta Cana in general. I only asked things about how easy it was for them to travel here being a same sex couple, and they only mentioned how well they were treated. We had a great conversation about the best options for them to get married next year, and we’ll find out real soon which all inclusive resort they will choose. Giving advice to people is an enjoyable activity for us since we’ve seen it all, and our insider tips are always welcome by our couples.

I know that you will love their laughter and smiley faces as much as we did. Enjoy this photoshoot!

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