If you are looking for a private place to stay in Punta Cana, you should do like the Sheerin family!

This family booked a room in front of the ocean in Playa Turquesa Ocean Club, which is a fantastic place to enjoy some of the best beaches in Punta Cana. It is really connected to everything, in a public place that looks like a secluded beach.

Meeting Jamie, Anthony, Maddison and Kali was a pleasure. They were GREAT to photograph. With super smiley children and a family of four willing to do anything for awesome photographs, it was easy. After we rescheduled the photoshoot to a different date for bad weather reasons, we met on a sunny day on a saturday morning.

Kali and Maddison are like the best sisters you’ve ever seen. They love each other. They may fight now and then, but their love shows up every time they have a chance to interact. And Playa Turquesa is the best place to just sit and enjoy each others company.

That’s what we did with this family. They enjoyed each other, with real hugs and quality time together.
I hope you love their photos as much as we do!

If you need more information about Playa Turquesa Ocean Club, feel free to visit their website.

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