Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book my date?

As soon as possible. Even if we work with a few photographers, some dates get booked up really quickly. If you already know where is your wedding going to be and when, go ahead.


When do I get my pictures?

You will get all your wedding photos up to 30 days after your Wedding day. Wedding videos can take up to 6 weeks.


Are my pictures going to be Edited?

All your pictures will be fully edited to meet our high-quality standard. Your pictures will look flawless and you will have memories that last a lifetime. The edition will include Color and Black & White photographs.


How does coverage work?

In case that you don’t know how to use your coverage hours, we’ve created a timeline for you to decide. Since we do this really often, we have some suggestions. For the smaller packages, we usually do some Bridal Portraits, ceremony and photo-shoot, including family and newlyweds portraits. For the bigger ones, Groom + Bride’s getting ready, Ceremony, Photo-shoot and reception. The only thing that you cannot do with the packages is split the time. If you have a 4 hours package, you can’t separate two for the ceremony and two for the reception, unless the time is continuous.


What do Slideshows look like?

We’ll make a selection of the best pictures of your wedding day, and have them display beautifully in a video that you can show your family and friends. The video lasts about 3 to 6 minutes. Here’s a sample of a Slideshow for you to see:


Can we personalize any of your packages?

Of course, you can! This is your wedding day, and all we want is make you happy. If you think that you need extra coverage or cut some time of your groom’s getting ready, we can always modify anything to make our packages a good fit for your Wedding. To get a custom quote, get in touch with us today.


Do I have to pay a Vendors Fee at my Wedding?

This really depends on where are you getting married. Most Wedding Venues allow photographers to work for free. Resorts ask couples to pay a Vendors Fee to let the photographers work at their Wedding. Find out about your resort in this page. All you have to do is tell your wedding planner that you have a photographer showing up at your wedding and she will help you with that.


How do I pay for your services?

It’s really simple. Get in touch with us. Fill a simple form and you will get an invoice from us. You can pay the booking fee with any credit card. The remaining balance can be paid in Cash on the Wedding Day, or by Credit Card (adding 7% PayPal fees) before your special day.