If you got here, you’re probably looking for ideas, places to visit, and a photographer!

When Olga contacted us for her family photo shoot, we explained to her what we always do. We’ll pick you and your family up from the lobby of your hotel, drive to a beautiful location, and take the pictures over there. Olga and her family stayed at Vista Sol Punta Cana, a small hotel located at El Cortecito, in the area of Bavaro, right in the middle of town.

Johalcy, a member of our team, contacted her to let her know that He was picking them up, and until the very last minute Olga was worried about the weather:

The forecast says that it’s going to rain!! What do we do?

Yes, the forecast always says that there’s a good chance of rain in Punta Cana. Why? Because it usually rains for 10 minutes, the clouds move, and we’re good to go. It might be raining outside of your hotel room and not on the beach, or it might be sunny at your hotel and raining at the beach we’re driving to. We’re used to this.. and considering that this photoshoot was taken two weeks ago, in a -very- rainy November, we couldn’t be happier with the results. Johalcy did a fantastic job capturing the crazy weather and none of this would be possible without a family that enjoys spending their time together, playing and having fun!

When you look at these images, please take into consideration that even with Johalcy’s guidance and expertise, the best thing about the images is how the family is interacting with one another. The girls had fun, they mocked each other, hugged each other, and gave us the best thing to capture in camera: real situations that cannot be faked.

Your family might be different than Olga’s family, but your emotions are the same. Make sure to enjoy every minute with your children, with your husband, and with the beautiful environment that surrounds you.

As a photographer, I want to tell you something: There’s a limit to what we can create. Do you want unforgettable images? I’m not talking about the 6-hour long, styled photo shoots you see on Pinterest. I’m talking about pictures of your family that show who they really are. If you do want that, we need you to get involved, play, talk to your children if they are not in a mood and explain to them that you can have fun (bribing them for a picture will not help you with the next photograph) and most important of all, remember that not everyone needs to be looking at the camera to have a great picture.

A deep connection between family members is a thousand times better than a perfect smile for a camera.

Remember your kids don’t want to stare with a fake smile in front of a camera for an hour (heck, neither do I!). Getting sandy, wet, dirty and going crazy for some photos will make all the difference in the memories you take back home.

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Just take a look at the photos below first 🙂

Location: Macao Beach