If you are planning a family vacation for this upcoming year, then Punta Cana will look very interesting to get away from the cold.
Maybe it is a family reunion and seeing your kids all grown up you realize your family photos haven’t been updated in a long long time! But don’t worry, this is where we come in!


Should I book a Family Photoshoot while on vacation?

If you are like us, then your vacation is the time to relax and unwind from the everyday routine. You might think, I don’t want to have anything planned for my vacation I just want to relax! And while we agree on this, we also know how much is worth it to plan a family photo shoot during your trip. This is the best possible moment to have everyone in your family together, having fun and relaxing, exactly what we intend to capture!


How long in advance can I book a Photosession?

You can book it anytime you want! We are based in Punta Cana and we work here all year long so scheduling an appointment with us will not be hard. We love to make the process easy and simple and in order to get the best photos, we will guide you from the very first moment. We also love to help out on what to wear and how to pose so there is basically nothing you should worry about!


Can we do the Photo shoot inside the resort?

The answer is yes! We can work inside any resort in the area except for one or two that have very strict policies. The rest will ask you to pay for a day pass for us to be allowed to go inside the resort grounds. Although we love working inside hotels (and we have been to most of them), we always encourage you to go out and explore. There are not a lot of public beaches left in Punta Cana but the ones that we usually go to are amazing! You can check out Macao Beach here, or scroll down and have a look at this beauty below.


In this case, we had the pleasure of meeting Tish and her beautiful family. Not only this was a family photoshoot that they had wanted to do for a long time, but also we had a surprise engagement! With some previous coordination, we were able to capture every single moment of this amazing day and it felt so good! Just have a look!


Have we convinced you to book your own family photoshoot yet? I know what you are thinking, what I am going to wear? We got you covereged there too, just check out this amazing post on how to dress for a beach photo shoot!

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