There is something so special about wedding videos. They give you the possibility to see things all over again exactly as they happened…think about it.
Nowadays we are so used to technology and phones that we might even take these things for granted, but imagine 20, 30 or even 50 years from now being able to watch yourself and your loved one get married. Showing this moment to your kids, or even your grandkids has to be the best feeling in the world!

Why is a Wedding Video important for your big day?

We work hard in every destination wedding to capture real moments and emotions and through our wedding photos and videos make people feel like they are there once more.
The great thing is that if you weren’t part of the wedding, you will also feel like you were there! Just trust us, and have a look at the video, you’ll see.

Felicia and Corey chose to get married at Kukua Restaurant, and it was a perfect choice. Bego and her team made things unforgettable for them and luckily we were there to capture them! Having a big party was also a lot of fun for everyone and even though it might seem that Kukua is a small venue it actually can hold over 120 guests!

The true magic of Wedding Cinematography is the chance to relate to another person and feel excited and emotional just like they feel. It is magical because you can feel what they feel whenever you have a look at this wedding film. Have I convinced you to watch it already?

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