Are you thinking about doing your destination wedding in the Dominican Republic but you don’t feel like Punta Cana is the right place for you? There are lots of options to consider like Samana, Las Terrenas, Puerto Plata maybe… but what about Cabrera? Have you ever heard of such place? If you haven’t, prepare to be blown away by this hidden gem!


flor de cabrera wedding


Where is Flor de Cabrera?

Cabrera is a small town located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, half way between Cabarete and Samana.
There is an amazing luxury complex built here with the most amazing villas you can imagine and there are about 19 villas inside Orchid Bay, a gated community built to experience a private and relaxed vacation. And for some, stunning weddings.

Flor de Cabrera is one of the two villas in the complex that is available for weddings. Flor means flower in Spanish, and we can see why they decided to name it this way.

There is no doubt that if you are looking for privacy, luxury and a beautiful place to take your guests this is the right choice.
From the service provided, to the food and the amenities you will just want to live there forever! And who wouldn’t with those stunning views and a private beach?

There is a lot of information about Flor de Cabrera and their services on their website if you are interested in finding out all the comfort and pampering you will receive once you get there. They even have a full page to help you out with your flight choices, depending on the city of your departure. You can fly to Samana, Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata or Punta Cana and no matter the location they have complimentary transportation for all of the guests! Have I caught your attention yet? Let me tell you a few more things then…


flor de cabrera wedding


Flor de Cabrera Weddings

So, I told you Flor de Cabrera is a private villa, it has complimentary transportation from the airport, it has a stunning beach, gorgeous and luxurious rooms, an amazing pool, and the list goes on and on. But when it comes to weddings we all know that no matter how beautiful a place can be, you will need the right person to help you plan it and make your dreams come true. Well, check it off the list because Wilvia Medina is not just the right person, she is the perfect one to plan your big day to the last detail.

The attention she puts into every single detail is what every bride wants to have on their wedding day. The decoration, the organization of the events and the overall service is outstanding and we don’t have enough good things to say about her.

Corinne and Randy’s wedding was perfect. We couldn’t believe our own eyes when we saw the reception, it looked like it came out of a fairy tale! The ceremony was held at the beach. No locals, no snoopy tourists, just them and their family and friends to enjoy and witness that special moment between them.

This is a big plus for us, having no people around the ceremony. It just has a more intimate feeling and you can forget about having strangers in the background of your wedding photos!

In terms of photography, we were in love with this place. Lots of natural light, beautiful rooms, a million locations to take portraits, the beach to ourselves. What else could we want? We could have spent days taking photos in this villa and never get bored!

If all of this things have not caught your attention yet, I don’t know what will! Oh wait, did I talk about the food yet?
Well, let me tell you this, with a private executive chef there is not much that I need to say other than you won’t want to go back home and cook anymore! You will be delighted to eat international cuisine as much as to try the exquisite local food, always accompanied by a Presidente beer or a good shot of Mamajuana, the traditional Dominican drink, also known as the babymaker. Watch out with this one!

Maybe you can go ahead and see their beautiful wedding photos and let them speak for themselves. Or even better, check out their Wedding Video!




Venue: Flor de Cabrera

Wedding Planner: Wilvia Medina

Videographer: Punta Cana Photographer

Photographer: Punta Cana Photographer