A wedding anniversary can be as special as your wedding day, or even more.

When a couple gets married they take vows and make promises to each other, and celebrating their anniversary is the opportunity to remember them and making them stronger than they were the day of the wedding.
It is the chance to take the time to be together, to enjoy each other without the routine getting in the way.

Being wedding photographers we love all expressions of love and we believe this is one of the most important ones.
It is not an easy task to bound your life to another person, but when we see a couple that takes care of each other and loves each other after spending years together it just inspires us.

Crystal and Chris decided they deserved to have some quality time together and the best way to get away from everything and celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary was to come to Punta Cana and of course, have a photo shoot on the beach which was long overdue.
With the kids at home being spoiled by grandparents, they had absolutely nothing to worry about but what to eat for dinner.

They chose Majestic Colonial as their accommodation where they were spoiled and pampered by the great staff and it was clear to them that their only important activity of the vacation was to have a romantic session by the beach, and there was no better place than Macao Beach.

The reason we believe a wedding anniversary is such an important moment for a couple is because people don’t always find the time to tell each other what they mean or to show each other how important the other person is.

And this is the reason why we love being wedding photographers because we get to witness these special moments in people’s lives and we get to help them remember them every time they see our photos.