When you think about a surprise engagement, I bet you imagine the perfect scenario, a beautiful secluded beach, maybe even a Gazebo in some of your wildest dreams, am I right?
Well, if you ever imagined something like this, you can just scroll down and see it come true!


Surprise Engagement Photos, how do they work?


Whenever we set up a photoshoot for a surprise proposal we are both excited and terribly nervous. You could say we have to play a part in this amazing day and for that, you definitely need acting skills!
Luckily we have become experts so when it comes to playing it cool and pretending this is just a regular photoshoot we are your team!

There are many reasons why this are some of our favorite sessions to do but I think the most important one would be the general feeling of happiness and ecstasy that the couple feels after the big moment is over and she has said YES!
The nerves are gone and all it is left is time to spend with each other, having fun, connecting and creating beautiful memories. We become spectators and let the couple just BE, and this shows so much!

So let’s talk about how these engagement photoshoots work. Every couple is different but we find that if they both know they are doing a photoshoot, it is easier than trying to invent a story and pretend we don’t know who the couple is. We are good actors, just not that good! This way, we can take out our cameras, let them interact and be there for the element of surprise!


Viral & Monica


In this case, we met Monica and Viral at their resort and took them to a secluded beach where we had an amazing set up prepared for them. During the trip from RIU Hotels to this amazing spot we got to know them and know their personalities, and try to release some of the stress of planning this for quite a few weeks! The set up was a beautiful gazebo right by the beach and the beach itself was a dream. Viral and I knew the decoration was there for us but we managed to convince Monica there was a wedding coming up but the guests had not arrived yet, so we could get a quick shot of them in it. Little did she know what was coming next!

It was just perfection. She later confessed she was expecting him to propose at some point during their vacation but she never ever imagined it would be this way. Good job Viral!
We stayed for over an hour taking beautiful photos together and just relaxing after we felt we had enough (we can never have enough though!) since they had the entire beach for themselves, literally.
So once again, the million emails and the effort was completely worth it! And I guess I realized I won’t be needing acting lessons after all.


Private Beach or Public Beach?


We do lots of photo shoots every week. Whether it is a surprise engagement, a honeymoon or a family photo shoot we are always looking for new and amazing spots around Punta Cana.
We do most of our sessions at Macao Beach, which is a beautiful public beach located between Hard Rock and the Uvero Alto area.
We are thrilled about finding this secret spot for our couples and families, and even though it is private and we need to pay a fee to work inside we feel it is absolutely worth it!
Just check out this awesome photos and you will see why!