Surprise engagement photo shoots are by far our favorite ones when it comes to people’s real emotions and reactions.
We feel so lucky and honored to be part of this special moment that we cannot even describe it with words! But I can tell you for sure that the pictures speak for themselves.


Why are surprise engagements so special?


Besides the fact that we get to witness this incredible and intimate moment, we also get to capture real raw emotions. And that, for any photographer is priceless. We all know how awkward it can be sometimes to be in front of a camera especially if it is for the first time. So doing a surprise engagement basically makes us be invisible for a few moments, and this shows so so much in the photos!

We have done our fair share of surprise proposals and every time feels unique and wonderful, and totally reminds us why we love this job so much. This time we got to meet two amazing people Chae and Blake.
We had been planning the proposal with Blake for a couple of weeks and we decided to meet at Macao Beach for the big day. Chae, of course had no idea, so it was amazing to be able to catch her reaction.

Macao is one of our favorite spots in Punta Cana and Bavaro to do photoshoots. And I am sure that after having a look at this photos you will understand why!


What happens if the weather is cloudy during the photo shoot?


The truth is.. nothing! Cloudy days are some of the best to take photos. Although clouds might scare you, they are a photographer’s best friend! They help make the light completely even and it is a lot better to get photos from every direction without having to worry so much about other factors like squinty eyes or wind.

We had a beautiful cloudy afternoon during this surprise proposal and the photos came out incredible! Just have a look!