Do you love animals? Are you looking for a fun way to remember your vacation in Punta Cana? Well, then picture this: The beautiful Dominican coastline. Towering palm trees. Turquoise blue waves crashing in the background. Golden sand. A majestic horse. And you! That’s right! I’m talking about taking photos with a horse on the beach in Punta Cana.

It’s the perfect opportunity to combine your passion for animals with the gorgeous landscape of the Dominican Republic. Plus, you’ll get a collection of wonderful photos so you can always remember this amazing experience!


Hire a Professional Photographer

Whether you come to Punta Cana with your family, your best friends, or your significant other, you should take advantage of your time together and document your trip. Of course, everyone has cell phones these days so you’ll all be taking photos the entire time anyway, but a professional photoshoot is so much different. 

A professional photographer will be looking at the lighting, angles, and backgrounds and will direct you into poses to capture your most flattering angles. They’re trying to create amazing photos every single time. Can you say that about your significant other or your dad? Probably not… (And if you can, well, you’re one of the lucky ones!)

Another major reason to hire a professional photographer is for the quality of the photos. You’ll get fully edited, high-resolution photos that you can view, share, and print whenever you want. Whether you want to print out some photos to display around the house or stack your Instagram with gorgeous photos from your vacation, you’ll have tons of beautiful images to choose from! 

photoshoot with a horse


Take Photos with a Horse in Punta Cana

I don’t know about you, but I love horses! They are such beautiful, majestic animals. Full of spirit and wonder. And the thought of taking photos with a horse on the beach sounds like something out of a fairytale or a romance novel. Doesn’t it?

Having a horse join your photoshoot can take your experience to a whole new level. It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating a special occasion (like an engagement or a birthday) or you just want to spend some time with a beautiful animal – Either way, you’re going to have a great time during your photoshoot, and you’ll have amazing memories from your time in Punta Cana.

photoshoot with a horse


What to Wear to a Photoshoot with a Horse

You don’t have to get too technical when it comes to what you’ll wear to your horse photoshoot in Punta Cana. You can pretty much wear whatever you feel comfortable in. You’ll be on the beach in the Caribbean so consider the weather, heat, and humidity when choosing your outfit. It’s hot and humid all year round so avoid heavy layers and thick materials.

Also, remember that you’ll jump up onto the horse and will have to swing your leg around to sit on the saddle. And then you’ll be sitting there with your legs around the horse. Considering that, short dresses and skirts won’t work too well here (unless you want to flash everyone on the beach or you have a swimsuit underneath). Pants, shorts, or even a longer dress or beach cover-up would be a better option.

Bonus tip: You can always change into a different outfit after your time with the horse is done if you want to wear something shorter. We’ll take photos with both outfits and in different areas around the beach so you get a great variety of beautiful images.

photoshoot at macao beach


Macao Beach for Your Photoshoot

Macao Beach is one of my favorite beaches on the whole island! It’s a public beach located on the northern end of the Dominican Republic, near Punta Cana. It’s about 20-25 minutes driving from most resorts in the area. And it’s right in between Bavaro and Uvero Alto.

It’s the best place to take photos with a horse in the area, and the beach is absolutely beautiful! It’s lined with towering palm trees and warm golden sand. And the water is that beautiful turquoise blue color that you see in all the magazines and online.

Macao Beach is the perfect place for a photoshoot in Punta Cana. There are so many different areas to take photos with different lighting and backgrounds that all look amazing! Just take a look at some of our favorite photoshoots to see what I’m talking about. 

horse photoshoot


Bring a Horse to Your Engagement Photo Session

Nothing says fairytale romance like riding in on a beautiful horse, showing off a gorgeous flowing gown, with your knight in shining armor beside you. And if you love nature, animals, and the beach, then a horse photoshoot is going to be a perfect way to celebrate your engagement. We’ll take candid photos of the two of you in front of the gorgeous turquoise water and around the beach to get different lighting, backgrounds, and poses. We’ll take some photos with the horse (and some without) so you’ll get a wide variety of photos from your session. And oh yes!! We will take photos of that gorgeous new ring on your left hand!

If this sounds like your fairytale, then contact us today and check out this fairytale wedding at Hard Rock Punta Cana for a little inspiration.

If you’re not engaged yet and would like to set up a surprise proposal photoshoot, we can definitely help you out with that and plan the perfect proposal. Check out some of our past proposals to get some ideas.

horse photoshoot


Take Photos with a Horse at your Family Photoshoot

If you’re coming to Punta Cana with your family, adding a horse to the mix can be a fun surprise for the kiddos! They’ll have so much fun riding, petting, and playing with the horse. And you’ll likely have some fun yourself! Laughing, playing in the water, and making new memories with your little ones. And the best part? We’ll capture all of those memories so you can always look back at the photos and remember how much fun you had at the beach in Punta Cana. You’ll have these memories for a lifetime!

photoshoot with a horse


Solo Photos with a Horse in Punta Cana

Celebrating your birthday in Punta Cana? Or do you just want some beautiful photos of yourself? Maybe you want to make all your friends jealous of your vacation in Punta Cana. Or you simply love horses and want to spend some time with one on the beach. You really don’t need a specific reason to get your picture taken. It’s fun! And you’ll look gorgeous!

Adding a horse to the photoshoot will make it that much more special. Just imagine petting the side of his/her neck and feeling that soft mane between your fingers. It’s sort of like your own personal pet therapy. And you’ll be on the beach, so you’ll have that gorgeous view and the sand between your toes. I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds pretty amazing!

horse photoshoot


Final Thoughts

Hopefully by now, you’ve decided that a photoshoot in Punta Cana is a great idea! It doesn’t matter if you’re coming with a group, by yourself, or with your significant other, we can make a memorable experience for you all. Spend some time in nature, soak up the sun, and get beautiful photographs to last a lifetime. And if you want to add a horse, we can make that happen! Get in contact with us today to learn more.