Rosa and Tyler had a couple photoshoot at Macao Beach just before the coronavirus outbreak began. It was one of our last photoshoots before the Dominican Republic closed the borders and shut down all of the resorts. We’re so glad that we got the opportunity to meet them, photograph them, and celebrate their recent engagement!


Where is Macao Beach?

Macao Beach is one of my favorite beaches on the whole island! It’s a public beach located on the northern end of the Dominican Republic, near Punta Cana. It’s right in the middle of the region, between Bavaro and Uvero Alto. And it’s about 20-25 minutes driving from most resorts in those areas.


Is Macao Beach Safe?

Macao Beach is definitely a safe place to spend the day! Whether you’re wanting to surf, catch some rays, take photos, or enjoy a delicious Dominican-style lunch, you’re going to enjoy your time at the beach. They just recently opened a new resort, Dreams Macao Beach, and have amped up security for their guests, so the beach is safer than ever.

A few recommendations:

  • The locals are friendly, but they will definitely try to sell you souvenirs. They can be very persistent, but remember they’re just trying to feed their families. If you do want to buy something, haggle the price. Without a doubt, they’ll lower it if you ask.
  • The beach is absolutely beautiful, but the water can be rough at times. If you go towards the left side of the beach (looking towards the water) you’ll have bigger waves. They are great for surfing! Go towards the right side if you want smaller waves and/or if you have kids. The water is a lot calmer near the cove.
  • Practice common sense (like you would anywhere else) and avoid bringing loads of cash or expensive items to the beach. I’ve never had any issues, (and I’ve been to Macao hundreds of times) but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Rosa & Tyler’s Couple Photoshoot at Macao Beach

Rosa and Tyler recently got engaged, and they came to Punta Cana to celebrate! They just wanted a quick photoshoot to commemorate their engagement, so we decided a couple photoshoot at Macao Beach would be perfect for them! We picked them up from their resort and headed towards the beach. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon. The water was a gorgeous turquoise blue. And the lighting was perfect. We had a great time photographing Rosa & Tyler and celebrating their love. Check out their photos below:

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