There is nothing we love more than love itself. And we also really do like surprises, so what better surprise than a marriage proposal during your vacation in the paradisiac Dominican Republic?


The preparation


We had been in touch with Rahul long time before their arrival in Punta Cana, he had been planning everything to the last detail for the big moment and his planning was well worth it! (she said yes!)

His idea was to have a romantic dinner with Sona at their lovely resort Chic Punta Cana and have a professional photographer casually drop by the table and ask them if they wanted a photo together. After taking a couple of pictures, he would be ready (and so were we) to pop the question and capture Sona’s expressions. I can happily say it was a mission accomplished!


The Resort – Chic Punta Cana


As you can see all the pictures were taken at night time since the photoshoot started with a romantic dinner. Chic Punta Cana is such a lovely place that having no sunlight did not matter at all, even so the photos looked amazing with all the lights decorating the backgrounds. Thanks to the staff at Chic we were able to go into the resort by paying a night pass and making Rahul and Sona’s night one that they will remember forever.

If you are staying at Chic or any other resort in the Dominican and you want to have a photoshoot inside of it, it’s always good to check with Concierge or Guest Service the process of hiring a professional photographer or other vendors because it is different in every case.

If you want to propose to your girlfriend and don’t know how¬†just let us know and we’ll help you out! We have a few ideas under our sleeves to make you both happy.



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