Beach proposals are so dreamy. With the sparkling sand, glowing sun, and gentle waves in the background, it’s hard to imagine a more romantic location. It makes sense why Punta Cana is the perfect place to pop the question and change your lives forever. There are so many beautiful beaches to choose from!

Today I’ll show you a romantic beach proposal at Macao Beach, and I will give you some tips to plan your own surprise proposal in Punta Cana.


Macao Beach for your Beach Proposal

Macao Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. It’s my favorite spot to spend the day, watching the waves, and enjoying an ice-cold Presidente. It’s also an incredible beach for photos!

Not only do you have a beautiful turquoise-blue ocean and a gorgeous shoreline, but you also have lush greenery, a rocky cliff, fishing boats, and a wooden bridge. This means you can get tons of photos with different backgrounds and lighting. You’ll love the variety of photos we can take here. Who would even think this is a beach photoshoot?

macao beach

Gorgeous, right? So where is this beautiful place? 


Where is Macao Beach?

Macao Beach is at a central location in between Punta Cana and Uvero Alto. It takes about 20 minutes to get there from most resorts in the Bavaro area as it’s just a quick trip down the highway. 


How To Get to Macao Beach

If you book a couple’s photoshoot with us, you don’t need to worry about getting there since we’ll pick you up from your resort and drop you back off after the photoshoot.

Otherwise, if you just want to go for the day, any taxi will be able to take you there. It’s a popular tourist spot and is fairly easy to get to. 

There are several excursions that stop at Macao Beach during the day for a quick swim. Book a full-day tour with Outback Adventures or a 4-in-1 Jeep Safari. You’ll have a blast! Macao Beach is also one of the only surf beaches in Punta Cana so if you want to ride a few waves while you’re here, this is the place to be.

If you want to learn more about Macao Beach, check out this photoshoot. Otherwise, let’s talk about planning a beach proposal in Punta Cana!

beach proposal


How to Plan a Surprise Beach Proposal

When it comes to planning, you want to keep your beach proposal simple. You don’t need a big elaborate scheme with bursting fireworks and extravagant decor. Of course, this is a huge moment, and you want to make it as special as possible. It should be magical! But all you really need is a ring, a beautiful location, and your partner. She is the only one who truly matters at this moment anyway.

I’ve been very lucky to plan dozens of proposals, and each one has been romantic, unexpected, and completely unique. If you plan to have a photographer capture the moment, I always recommend one thing: Tell your partner they’ll be getting their picture taken. There are a million ways to do this (get in contact with us for ideas), but trust me when I tell you, she will appreciate it!

Why do I say this? Well, most people aren’t naturally comfortable in front of a camera. They prefer to have a heads up so they can prepare themselves ahead of time. To dress up nicely. Do their hair. Makeup. Get their nails done. Etc.

You don’t want your fiance to look back at the photos wishing she’d had the chance to brush her hair or add a touch of lip gloss. She should be given the opportunity to look and feel her absolute best!

Let me tell you what we planned for Amir and how we were able to get it just right.

proposal at macao beach


Majda & Amir’s Romantic Beach Proposal

We planned their couple’s photoshoot at 4:30pm in the afternoon so the light would be soft and romantic when Amir popped the question. He told Majda that they’d be going to the beach for a couple’s photoshoot. This worked out perfectly so when we went to pick them up, she was camera-ready and looked amazing. And she didn’t suspect a thing! 

We drove them to Macao Beach and took some photos around the area to get them both feeling comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Once we made it to the water, we could tell Amir was ready to propose. As Majda looked out onto the ocean, Amir knelt down behind her. When we asked her to turn around, she was shocked to see him there with a ring in hand. And we were there to capture her priceless reaction!

Just take a look below:

What a magical moment! 

So what do you say? Are you ready to start planning your own romantic beach proposal? Get in contact with us today! We’d love to capture the surprise!