Living in Punta Cana and working as a wedding photographer is a dream come true for us.
We are lucky enough to work on a beautiful Caribbean island, with some of the most amazing beaches we have ever seen and on top of that, we get to meet so many people around the world!

We love working on resorts, doing beach weddings and couple photoshoots on a perfect white sand beach, and like we said before it is complete paradise! But sometimes we feel like we would love to see something really different, like a city or a park to try new things and to have a different kind of scenery.

This is when Altos de Chavon comes into the picture. This place feels like you have traveled in time and went to an 16th century village! It is a place that inspiresĀ us so much into creating beautiful photos with any couple or family we bring there. Everytime we go feels like we discover new corners and magic spots that look so incredible it makes us want to go there every day! If you want to learn a bit more about the place we recommend you have a look at this post!

Altos de Chavon Photoshoots

If you are coming to Punta Cana and would like to have an engagement photo shoot or a wedding photo shoot like Melanie and Ernesto the drive will be around 1 hour but it will be completely worth the trip.
If you are coming to La Romana area, like Bayahibe and of course Casa de Campo then it will be much faster and easier for you!

This place is private and because of that, it is necessary to pay a fee to be allowed inside and a different one to be allowed to take photos. We recommend going on a weekday since the weekends tend to get a bit crowded and harder to get photos done.

In this case, Melanie and Ernesto were getting married at Barcelo Palace a few days after the photo shoot we did but they had the brilliant idea to do a first look! What better place to do it than the beautiful Altos de Chavon?

Just have a look at their photos to see how it turned out!