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    Amber Mitchell

    If you book a resort with your family and friends for your wedding, do you intend on staying in the same resort for your honeymoon or will you be switching? I was reading this blogger’s experiences with her wedding in Punta Cana and she said you should always go to a new resort as most family members will likely want to enjoy a vacation too after the wedding is over and you will want your space for “private time”.


    Hmm 🤔

    I didn’t even consider this! We do intend on staying in Punta Cana for our honeymoon but changing resorts… I honestly didn’t consider this! If any of our guests decide to stay longer, I’d hate to be having a romantic moment and having anyone interrupt that!!

    Bella M.

    I would go somewhere else. We are planning to stay in another resort. We haven’t decided which but I have 3 picked out and they are all couples and adult only resorts with a lot of privacy.

    Deborah Parson

    We haven’t even discussed the honeymoon yet but this is a fantastic thing to bring up that I didn’t even consider. I am not sure if we will be staying in Punta Cana for the honeymoon at all. I know my future hubby mentioned wanting to go to Jamaica or the Bahamas.

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