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    The Merengue is one of the most popular dances in the Dominican Republic. I noticed a lot of people who get wed there will do the dance at their wedding. Is anyone planning on learning the dance for their big day?


    You can see the dance there in the video.

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    Bella M.

    Oh yes and my fiance is dreading it!! HA!

    He hates dancing but I told him I want to have one slow dance and one fun dance, then he can be let off the hook. We will likely be taking classes just because he has the rhythm of a stick in the mud and I am not exactly a graceful ballerina.


    So this is what that dance looks like!

    It seems pretty easy to learn. I know my sister mentioned doing some kind of local’s dance but she didn’t specify the name. I will have to ask her if this is it.

    I might just have to learn it with her so me and my boyfriend can do the dance at the wedding too!

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