**Updated July 2020**

You want your wedding day to be as good as it gets. You want things to flow smoothly, happiness to rule over every other feeling, and for love to be all over the place. You want to avoid any of the common wedding mistakes. 

And to be honest, it’s pretty simple! Like every other moment of your life, it all comes down to your attitude. Not your fiancé’s, not your parents, not your wedding planners. It’s about your attitude.

If you keep a positive mindset throughout the day, everyone will go the extra mile to make sure that the day runs smoothly.

Now, let me tell you about a few common wedding mistakes that our couples make. Because in order to avoid them yourself, you need to be aware of them.

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Wedding Mistake #1: Not Looking at Each Other During the Ceremony

When you are standing in front of each other during the ceremony, please, please, please look into each other’s eyes. Don’t look at the cameras, or at the officiant while you read your vows. Look at each other. Into each other’s eyes.

We’re there as mere spectators, capturing everything that happens as it happens, and we don’t want to interfere in any way. So just ignore us during the ceremony. And we’ll make sure to get the perfect shot.

Wedding Mistakes


Mistake #2: Placing the Rings Like They Don’t Mean Anything

When you place the rings on each other’s fingers, do it gently and with meaning. (Like a wedding ceremony deserves).

Look at each other, breath the moment in. Remember that this is a symbol of your love. Of your commitment to each other. A symbol that holds so much meaning! So don’t just rush through it.


Wedding Mistakes


Wedding Mistake #3: Sweating the Small Stuff

Your fiancé forgot his socks in the other suitcase. One of your guests had to cancel last minute. You started the ceremony ten minutes late. So what? Will that ruin your Wedding Day? No. No one will notice but you.

Expecting everything to be perfect will ruin your day. You won’t be able to enjoy anything because one little thing went wrong. Instead, remember that your wedding doesn’t have to be perfect. It should be unique because it is an important day in your lives and you’ve spent a lot of time planning it. But remember it’s more about the journey you are starting together. So make sure you start this journey on the right foot. Smiling. Happy. And enjoying every moment. Even when… no, especially when things go wrong.


Mistake #4: Talking the Whole Time During the First Dance

This one comes from a purely photographic perspective. And to be honest, this tip is not for everyone. This may be the only time you and your new husband get alone together during the wedding day. So you may want to use that time to talk the whole time…

But, if you want romantic images dancing together for the first time as husband and wife, don’t spend the whole dance talking. Instead, make sure to enjoy the moment and listen to the music. Smile. Rest your head on his shoulder. Kiss. Or try one of those fancy dips. You’ll really appreciate your pictures holding each other to your favorite slow song.

Wedding Mistakes


Mistake #5: Trying to Control Everything

I’m 100% positive that every vendor on your Wedding Day knows exactly what they’re doing. And they know what they need to do to keep your day running smoothly and beautifully. If you want something done in a certain way, you can mention it, but then trust those people to do it.

If it’s a very tiny detail, feel free to mention it more than once, but don’t micromanage people on your Wedding Day. Otherwise, you’ll be stressing over every little thing, and you won’t be able to enjoy anything else.


Mistake #6: Always Thinking About What’s Happening Next

This happens time and time again. The bride is in the getting ready, thinking about the ceremony. In the ceremony, thinking about reception. In the reception, thinking about guests getting back to the resort. And before they know it, the day is over and done. Don’t let that happen to you!

Enjoy the moment. The wedding day takes months to plan, and only a few hours before it’s over. If you’re not enjoying what’s going on, you’re going to miss it.

Wedding Mistakes


Final Thoughts on the Common Wedding Mistakes

This is a list of common wedding mistakes that came to my mind while thinking of our day to day weddings. We’ve been to hundreds of events and the only thing that differentiates a good wedding from a fantastic wedding is the couple’s attitude.

Keep a positive attitude and your day will be awesome. We’ve seen everything from ripped dresses, mustard stains, people forgetting the rings in the room, and weddings stopped due to heavy rain (I’m talking about 70 guests running away simultaneously here).

All of those events ended up in the best way possible because the Bride & Groom kept enjoying every bit of it – and so did their guests.