So, you’ve decided to have a beach wedding in the exotic Dominican Republic! Congratulations on finding your location and venue, that’s half the battle! There are a lot of places to choose from in this beautiful island, Punta Cana being the most popular one and places like Samana or Las Terrenas being some of the others that are quickly getting more and more attention. We want you to have the best wedding possible, and with that in mind, we have a few tips to help your beach wedding run smoother.


Punta Cana Wedding


Tip #1 Choose an Up-do

We know the idea of long hair, flowing in a soft breeze, sounds incredibly romantic. It definitely can be! However, wind and hair can be an issue since there isn’t a guarantee that it’ll be a soft breeze, rather than a gust of wind. If the wind is more than a breeze then you could have an issue with your hair blowing in your mouth while you are saying your vows and/or hair stuck in your lip gloss as it blows across your face (ew). It could become frustrating and make for some rather unflattering photos of the ceremony. This can happen in any of the beaches in the Dominican Republic or any beach in the world.

There is a chance that the wind won’t be an issue of course. So if you are bent on mermaid wave, maybe you should have two hair styles in mind (one if there is no wind that day, and one in the event of a hurricane) and choose your final hairstyle based on the weather that day. You also have the option to wear a flower crown if you want to have your hair down and be able to keep it under control.

Tip #2 Skip the Veil for the Ceremony

Veils can be absolutely lovely, given the right environment (meaning a windless day). But if there a lot of wind, you may have the same issues with the veil that you would have with your hair. Perhaps you should keep the veil as a backup (similar to having two hairstyles based on the weather), OR you could have the veil for photos and leave it off for the ceremony if the wind is too bad.


Tips for your Punta Cana Wedding

Tip #3 Ballgowns are for Ballrooms

Ballgowns are beautiful but they can be an issue at beach weddings. Some women have a difficult time walking through the sand in them and opt for something lighter. You can choose whatever you like of course, but keep in mind that it may be hot and difficult to walk through the sand in a heavy gown.

Tip #4 Ditch the Stilettos

We know that stilettos look great on all women, they add height and confidence to all who wear them, but you might want to save them for another day. The heels will sink into the sand and make walking nigh impossible unless you are planning an indoor reception or your venue has hard floors or dancefloors.

Option One: sandals. Roman sandals are trending right now, and you wouldn’t have to worry about sinking or shaking the sand out of them.

Option Two: barefoot. Going barefoot is both comfortable and can make for some romantic photographs.


Tips for your Punta Cana Wedding


Tip #5 Have Shade Options

The beach is a relatively shade-less environment, which means you and your guests may be in direct sunlight for quite a bit of time. This may become hot and uncomfortable. You should consider having a tent set up for guests to sit under, in case the sun becomes too much for them. You can also bring paper umbrellas for the ceremony and your guests will be able to use them as they please.

Tip #6 Plan B

Imagine yourself two weeks, one week, days before, and day of the wedding, checking and rechecking the weather. All is well, for the forecast reads sunny and 85 with a light and refreshing breeze. Then suddenly the clouds roll in and you’re being rained out of your own wedding. Better have a Plan B!

Talk to the resort or venue and make sure there is somewhere you can move the ceremony and wedding party to in the event of a weather disaster. Most places and wedding coordinators will have an indoor option for you, but it always helps to ask and be certain of your options. Whether it is in Punta Cana, Samana, Last Terrenas or anywhere else on the island you should always check this information with your wedding planner.


Tips for your Punta Cana Wedding


Final Tip: Live in the Moment

We know that weddings can be stressful because of all the planning that is involved. Try to relax though. Everything will be wonderful. Maybe give yourself a spa day to try and disconnect and find your inner self before the wedding day. Enjoy this day, live in the moment, and remember that even if things do not go the way you planned, it will be okay. Even if it rains or the wind messes up your hair, everything will be great because (at the end of the day) you and your fiancé will be together as husband and wife; and your union is really the only thing that matters.