Wedding Albums may not be included in your budget because nobody really includes them. Let me tell you why that is a serious mistake.

When you are planning your wedding, if you think like most brides do, this is the way your thoughts go: I need a Venue, good food, bridesmaids, groomsmen, the prettiest dress of all times, an incredible bouquet, my fiancée… and a photographer. That’s the order.

You will probably know this because you included us in your budget, photography will make everything else look beautiful and not something you put together randomly.

Although you know how important photographs are, you will probably go for an only digital package, and that’s what I would do in your place. That’s what you SHOULD do.

Buying prints nowadays do not really make much sense. Picture frames? Why bother if you will have to reprint the pictures to fit them… choosing the size of the print first and the frame later is a rookie mistake.

What do we have left then? … Digital photographs? Yes, without a doubt they are your best option.

So why do I need Wedding Albums?

Now, how will you show your kids, and the kids of your kids, and..? No, we got a little carried away. How will you enjoy the unforgettable memories from your wedding day if you have all your pictures on a stick the size of a key? The solution to this problem is in Wedding Albums.

Not only you will remember the magical moments of your wedding, but also you will be reminded of all the guests that travelled to celebrate with you.

Did I say guests? Sorry, I meant family and friends that you will show the album to when they come visit you. Easier than an iPad or another tablet, which will need a specific light so that the screen doesn’t shine and ruin the beauty of your photos.

We love digital photographs, don’t get me wrong. We just simply think they don’t make justice to your wedding photos as much as Wedding Albums would.

We invite you to see some pictures of our albums, which are optional in all of our packages.