I already know what you’re thinking… “What the heck is a Crazy Hour??”

Well, imagine this: You’re at your wedding reception. Everyone has finished dinner, and the tears have dried from your maid of honor’s heartfelt speech. You had the first dance with your new husband, and each of you danced with your parents. Now, the real party is about to begin!

But wait.. there’s a few stragglers who have returned to their seats. Six people have the courage to step onto the dance floor, but where is everyone else? Don’t they know it’s time to dance?!

All of a sudden, a loud siren goes off and gets everyone’s attention. Merengue starts blasting through the speakers, and your guests are starting to feel the rhythm. Is that Grandma Jean shaking her hips? I didn’t know she could move like that!

Queue the Crazy Hour performers! Beautiful feathered dancers shimmy in with their colorful, Carnival-style bikinis – handing out masquerade masks, balloons, and noisemakers. They’ve gotten all of your guests up out of their seats!

A stilt-walker wobbles in and gets everyone in a conga line, ducking through their legs. 

Masked Carnival figures, covered from head to toe, are circling around the dance floor while animation dancers in full costume start the crowd on some basic choreography.

Hold on… Are they doing the limbo?? Oh, I’ve got to get in there!

It’s chaos. Absolute chaos. But everyone is laughing. Everyone is dancing. Everyone is enjoying themselves!! And that’s the most important part. What a perfect way to get the party started!

crazy hour


So What Is Crazy Hour?

Crazy Hour (or La Hora Loca in Spanish) is an hour-long show filled with loud music, dancers, costumes, balloons, flashing lights, noisemakers… basically anything you can think of that is crazy, it will be there! 

It’s a tradition at Latin weddings and events that has started to spread throughout North America as couples realize how much fun this tradition really is!

And Crazy Hour is the ultimate party starter! It creates an upbeat, party atmosphere from the get-go, and your guests will be loving every minute.


Top 5 Reasons To Have A Crazy Hour at Your Wedding Reception

5. Get The Party Started

The Crazy Hour is a perfect way to get everyone to the dance floor; especially if you have a more reserved group of guests! Sure, a couple of passionfruit mojitos will help with that too, but why wait for that liquid courage to kick in when you can start dancing right away?


4. Get Everyone Involved

Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes guests need that little extra push to get up out of their seats and start dancing. The Crazy Hour team will make sure that everyone is participating, which means you won’t need to worry about doing that yourself. You’ll get to enjoy the reception just as much as your guests. And you’ll all get to be a part of the show!


3. Avoid the Awkward Transitions

I’ve seen it time and time again at wedding receptions: The first dances are over, but the guests aren’t sure if they should step on the dance floor yet. They don’t want to step on anyone’s toes (pun intended) by going too soon. And they don’t want to be the only one out there. So they return to their seats. Or head to the bar. Or to the bathroom. Anywhere but the dance floor… Having a crazy hour solves that! No awkwardness. Just straight to the party.


2. Embrace Dominican Culture

Crazy Hour is a tradition at Dominican weddings (and the most entertaining one, if you ask me). Since you decided to have your wedding in Punta Cana, you might as well embrace a part of that Dominican culture and incorporate some of those traditions into your wedding day.


1. It’s so much fun!!

This is the single most important reason on this list! Crazy Hour is a blast!! To see your guests laughing uncontrollably, busting out all the moves, and truly enjoying themselves is PRICELESS. Yes, it’s crazy. But in the best possible way!

Ready to get the Crazy Hour planning started? Reach out to us to learn more!