The Sun in Punta Cana and its consequences 

Punta Cana is located in a spot of the world where the sun is stronger than the places where most of the visitors are from, countries further away from the Equator.

Because of this reason, it is fundamental that you use sunscreen before and after your wedding.

We know that most couples want to show off an amazing tan while saying “I do”, but we strongly recommend to take precautions to avoid marks that will show on your wedding day.

Women should especially pay attention not to leave bikini marks, and men should look after hat or sunglasses marks that most of the times leave grooms looking like raccoons and it’s not very attractive.

Which currency should you use in Punta Cana?

Like you well know, in many countries of the world, different currencies are used, for which usually it’s a good decision to exchange the local currency.

Although in Punta Cana we use the “Dominican Peso”, you shouldn’t exchange it at all if you are spending the entire week at your all inclusive resort.

Every excursion, taxi, or daily activities can be paid with dollars since most of the locals accept this currency at the same value a bank would.

DO NOT exchange money at the airport

We already advised you not to exchange money, now we would like to make a special mention about the exchange rates at the airport and many hotels.

They are a total rip-off.

The real value of the Dominican Peso can be checked in this link.

Punta Cana Airport

Getting to know a different culture 

It’s always a good experience to spend at least one day outside of your resort.

The opportunities to get to know a different culture are unlimited but are reduced to zero inside an all inclusive resort.

We recommend an adventure trip to cities like Higuey or Santo Domingo, even if it is a short one. They don’t really stand out by their beauty, but you will be able to see the reality of the country at least for a while.

When it comes to customs of different countries, we advise you to put your bargaining skills to practice if you want to go shopping and get great deals.

How and where to book excursions in Punta Cana

Every hotel has their tour operators that will offer you a wide range of excursions to book.

All 100% of these workers are trustable since they are linked to the resorts and always seek the best options for their clients.
Although it is the easier way to book, it is also the most expensive one.

Right next to your resort, on both sides, you will find workers that sell different excursions at lower rates. Based on our experience, these salesmen are as trustable as tour operators since they sell the same excursions the hotels offer, but the prices are improved because they get a smaller profit out of them.

We recommend without a doubt to ask prices of the excursion on the beach, at least, to negotiate the price inside the resort.

Careful with the Food 

Health standards are not the same everywhere in the world, and this is reflected in developing countries like the Dominican Republic. Hotels make a great effort in keeping the hygiene of their installations, but some resorts don’t meet all the regulations sometimes.

We advise to take it easy on the food and be careful not to mix different things that you are not used to eating regularly.
It wouldn’t be the first time a traveler gets sick, but it would be best if that traveler was not you.

I Do Forks at Punta Cana Wedding

DO NOT drink tap water

If you had any doubts on the matter, under no circumstances drink tap water. It’s not drinkable, and it will probably cause a stomach illness.

It wouldn’t be the best way to enjoy a week in the Caribbean.

Walk on the beach outside of your resort 

Punta Cana is a safe place, although they make you believe otherwise.

Taking a walk on the beach outside of the hotel is a magnificent experience that many tourists don’t do out of fear of what might happen. Well, I have something to tell you, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

Touristic spots are controlled by the police and there are practically no incidents on the beach, at least during the day.

Enjoy the -crazy- weather

It is common to be on the beach enjoying the radiant sun and all of a sudden it can start raining. Without clouds on the horizon. Without clouds at all.

The weather on this island changes constantly, so it would be a normal thing to look at the forecast before you leave and see that it’s going to rain every day.

It possibly will rain, but you won’t see a drop of water, or even better, it might be sunny all day long and rainy on the night like it happens a few months a year.

As a personal recommendation, don’t trust the weather forecast. They always fail.

These are only a few tips to enjoy your trip and take the most out of it on a paradise island where anything can happen. Enjoy the magic, welcome to Punta Cana.

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