**Updated July 2020**

Groom’s fashion has never been seen as the most important part of the couple’s wedding plans. It’s definitely getting more attention now compared to previous years, but there’s still a long way to go. And wedding attire for the groom is something that should not be left to the last minute. It deserves some thought! And it can pull the whole wedding party together.

Grooms end up choosing the traditional ‘penguin-look’, rather than shopping around for different styles, or even being adventurous with their suit.

That’s why we created this list! With so many brand new tasteful designs in the world of groom’s fashion, your groom can be prepared to look tasteful and classy on your wedding day. To help push him in the right direction, here are four quick wins to help him achieve an original and unique look for the special day.

Groom Style by Punta Cana Photographer


Step 1. Ensure Your Suit Fits

There is nothing worse than dancing for the first time with your bride, in front of everyone, and on that carefully choreographed dip, your pants split wide open. Oh yes, it happens… But this embarrassing situation can be avoided simply by having everything measured and fitted before the wedding. And even if you “think” everything fits, do a final fitting about a week before the wedding to ensure that it actually does.

A sure way to see if your shirt is the correct size and fitting for you is to place one finger between the shirts collar and your neck. You shouldn’t be able to get more than two fingers between the space. Next is to check the cuffs of your shirt. They shouldn’t ‘ride up’ when stretching out your arms.

The jacket of your suit should fit snug around your torso but should still allow for plenty of movement, even when buttoned up. Keep in mind that you will be dancing, walking around, shaking hands, and hugging a lot of family and friends. You’re the groom after all! So it’s important that your jacket won’t constrict you or make you feel uncomfortable.

Another benefit of last-minute checks is that they allow you to make minor changes to your wedding attire. For example, you may want decide to wear a waistcoat rather than a jacket before your big day.

Bonus tip: If you have a best man and/or groomsmen, all of your wedding attire should match. You will be standing next to each other on many occasions throughout the day, and your photos will look much better if you’re outfits are coordinated. (Make sure your best man keeps up with the best man duties in this guide.)


Step 2. Choose a Suit That is Right for Your Body Shape

It’s not only your blushing bride who needs to shop around for clothing that fits her shape. Believe it or not, grooms need to think about their shapes too!

If you are a groom of short stature, consider a single-breasted jacket for the big day. Double-breasted jackets will drown you in fabric, making you look like a young boy in his father’s jacket, instead of a grown man getting married.

If you are a little bigger around the middle, it’s often suggested to choose a lower buttoning jacket. The placements of the lower buttons will provide you with a longer and more flattering silhouette shape.

Try on a few different styles and see which one works best for your body type. Make sure you look good and feel good in whatever you decide.

Groom Style by Punta Cana Photographer


Step 3. Comfort is Key for the Groom

It wouldn’t be fair to spend one of the most important days of your life in agony. And you definitely don’t want to spend the majority of your vacation in Punta Cana (or your honeymoon) nursing blisters or chafed thighs. So make sure you’re comfortable! That includes the suit and your shoes.

Buy shoes that fit and you can wear all day long. Spend a few hours a day walking around the house or the office to ‘wear them in’. The tough leather will soften the longer you walk in them. And by the time the big day rolls around, they’ll be the most comfortable pair of shoes you have. Just remember not to scuff them!


Step 4. Keep it Tasteful

Most grooms avoid frills and over-the-top suits and choose a tailored, traditional look instead. Remember, you are not aiming for Tom Hanks in the movie Big. Think, Cary Grant in the movie An Affair to Remember.

Keep it tasteful! Nevertheless, there are plenty of options to express yourself with the fashion choices that you make. For example, if you are having a daytime formal wedding you may wish to ditch the traditional tuxedo and opt for a smart morning suit along with an ascot or cutaway jacket.

Or if you’re planning on getting married during the summer, you may want to choose a white dinner suit instead of the traditional black.

Or maybe you want to ditch the suit completely and go for a more casual beach look. Formal khakis, a vest, and tie can bring this look to life.

Groom Style by Punta Cana Photographer

When you choose the suit for your wedding day, it’s always a good idea to ask the professionals for advice on what’s hot and what’s not this wedding season. They are sure to offer you plenty of choices that you had never originally thought of and that will great on you for the big day.